Academic Divisions

General Studies

The Division of General Studies is the academic unit that assists students in becoming well-rounded students from the time they enter Morris College until they transition into their chosen major program of study. Our division is focused on helping students successfully transition from high school to college by providing a sound academic foundation covering a broad range of subject areas that include communication skills, the physical sciences, mathematics, the social and behavioral sciences, religion and the humanities, as well as computer and information literacy.

One hundred percent of the General Studies faculty have earned the master's or doctoral degree, and are experienced teachers and scholars. Most of our faculty have published books or articles in scholarly publications, or have made presentations in a variety of professional settings. Besides, being well-trained and experienced, our faculty genuinely care about the well-being of our students and put forth every effort to help get their college careers off to a successful start.

The Division of General Studies provides strong academic support to students through our developmental program, which includes tutorial services provided by both supplementary instructors as well as student peer tutors. Through these initiatives, students transition into their chosen major programs of study well prepared to achieve success.

Business Administration

Students in the Division of Business Administration are finding success after graduation in both the public and private sectors of corporate America. They hold positions such as industrial production supervisors, banking loan officers, sales representatives, retail management, non-profit executives, and entrepreneurs.

The division offers two majors, Business Administration, a traditional four-year bachelor’s degree program, and Organizational Management, an accelerated evening program designed for the working adults who have at least 60 semester hours of transferable college credits. Both majors are designed to prepare graduates for successful careers in the world of business, and both are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Business Administration ACBSP Accreditation and Assessment Information


Accountant Clerk, Benefits Manager, Business Analyst, Career Counselor, Commodities Trader, Entrepreneur , Export Agent, Financial Planner, Finance Manager, Human Resource Manager , Independent Consultant , Information Technology Officer, Loan Officer, Logistics, Marketing Analyst, Marketer, Payroll Manager , Sales Representative , Real Estate Agent, Hotel Management, Corporate Law, Insurance

Notable Companies

Google, Verizon, Apple, NASA


The Division of Education has as its purpose to facilitate the academic and professional development of students toward the goal of becoming competent and effective teachers, health professionals and leisure specialists. Morris College’s Teacher Education Program offers the opportunity for participation in this challenging and rewarding professional endeavor.

The Division of Education offers majors in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Health Science, and Recreation Administration and secondary education specializations in biology, mathematics, English, and social studies. The Division also administers three special programs: (1) the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), which is a professional program designed to produce future officers for the United States Army; (2) the Cooperative Education program, which enables students to acquire work experience while they are still in College; and (3) the “Call Me Mister” program, which seeks to attract more minorities as teachers in the state’s public elementary schools. The Division operates within the framework of the institution’s philosophy of preparing students for professional service in the public schools, in health science and recreation programs, and in the armed forces. Students who are interested in a degree in Education can also choose a Secondary Education Degree in Mathematics, Biology, English, and Social Studies. For more information, please click on one of the Secondary Education Degree links above.

The Teacher Education Program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). 

Annual Report Measures

Teacher Education Handbooks

South Carolina Teaching Standards Training


Guidance counselor, School psychologist, Career counselor, Early years teacher, Juvenile corrections worker, Family counselor, Education consultant, Admission counselor/recruiter, Child life specialist, Community education officer, Primary school teacher, Secondary school teacher

Notable Companies

Morris College Alumni have graduated from the Division of Education and gone on to work at a variety of prestigious companies.

Religion, Humanities, and Social Sciences

The Division of Religion, Humanities and Social Sciences offers major degree programs in Christian Education, Criminal Justice, English, English/Secondary Education, History, Liberal Studies, Mass Communications, Pastoral Ministry, Political Science, Sociology, and Social Studies/Secondary Education. Students may also choose an undergraduate minor from these areas as well as minors in Criminal Forensic Studies, Gerontology, International Relations, Minority Studies, Music and Psychology.

Our curriculum, taught by a diverse faculty, is designed to help students develop critical thinking, analytical skills and communication skills through which they can explore major aspects of the human condition, enhance their creative expression abilities, clarify values and utilize both interpretive and scientifically-based methods to investigate human social phenomena.


Teacher, Advertising Sales Agent, Technical Writer, Artist, Counseling, Event Organizer, Public Relations Manager, Travel Agent, Genealogist, Journalist, Lawyer, Editor, Museum Worker/Curator, FBI Agent, Interpreter and /or Translator, Human Resources Specialist, Linguist, Foreign Correspondent, Accountancy, Advertising/Marketing, Banking And Insurance, Business Management, Economics, Local Government, Management Consultancy, Market Research, Media, Politics, Psychology, Retail And Sales, Teaching And Lecturing, Tourism, Town Planning

Notable Companies

Morris College Alumni have graduated from the Division of Religion, Humanities, and Social Sciences and gone on to work at a variety of prestigious companies.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Graduates of the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics come out ready to make an impact on the 21st century. They leave the campus fully armed with scientific and electronic technology, data-processing ability, analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to impart knowledge to the next generation.

They become professional scientists and mathematicians, educators, health professionals, data processors, and cybersecurity guardians.

All the above-listed careers are subsumed under the main four majors offered in the Division: Biology, Biology- Secondary Education, Mathematics, and Mathematics-Secondary Education. The Division also offers minors in Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Biology, and Mathematics.


Biological Technicians, Environmental Economists, Environmental Restoration Planners, Environmental Sciences and Protection Technicians, Farm and Home Management Advisors, Forest and Conservation Technicians, Geographers, Industrial Ecologists, Materials Scientists, Middle School Teachers, Natural Sciences Manager, Park Naturalists, Precision Agriculture Technicians, Quality Control Analysts, Remote Sensing Scientists and Technologists, Secondary School Teachers, Soil and Water Conservationists, Sustainability Specialists, Actuarial Science, Biomathematics, Biostatistics, Cryptography, Federal Government, Operations Research Analysis, Quantitative Finance, Statistics, Mathematician, Economist, Financial Planner, Investment analyst

Notable Companies

Morris College Alumni have graduated from the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and gone on to work at a variety of prestigious companies.