Admission of Transfer Students

A student who previously attended another college may enter Morris College as a transfer student; and according to the nature of the academic record, some or all of the credits earned may be transferred to Morris College. All transcripts from other colleges and universities must be received two months prior to registration for the term of entrance.

A transfer student may be admitted to Morris College without restriction provided the student's grade point average at the previous institution is either sufficient to allow the student to continue at the previous institution or to place the student in good academic standing at Morris College. The grade point average at Morris College differs according to whether the student is seeking to transfer as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, and the required averages for each category are listed in the college catalog.

A transfer student who has been dismissed from another college for academic deficiencies and whose grade point average is not sufficient to place the student in good standing at Morris College must delay transfer to the College for at least one semester. After a one-semester delay, the transfer student may be admitted to Morris College on academic probation. To remain enrolled after the initial semester, a transfer student must meet the same standards for scholastic eligibility as all other students in the same classification.

In evaluating professional military education and other non-credit coursework, the college adheres to the guidelines established by the American Council on education and published in The National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs. The College does not award credit for experiential learning.

Planning to Attend Morris College?

We encourage you to review the Net Price Calculator for an estimate of costs and average aid awarded. The Net Price Calculator is a broad estimator of cost and financial aid and does not represent an individual offer of aid. More than half of all student at Morris receive some type of financial aid.

We encourage you to apply early as most funds are limited. You must apply for financial aid each year by completing the FAFSA available online at


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