Social Studies/Secondary Education Major


Students who pursue the Social Studies/Secondary Education major usually intend to become certified teachers in high school grades 9-12. Course work in areas such as economics, geography, government, history, sociology and psychology is combined with specialized training on theories of learning, as well as methods of teaching and measuring student learning in the high school setting.

Course Study Curriculum

Student Learning Outcomes for Social Studies/Secondary Education

Upon completion of the Social Studies/Secondary Education degree program, graduates will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of basic terms and concepts used in the study of anthropology, economics, geography, government and politics, history, philosophy, psychology, religion and sociology at the introductory level.
  2. Explain basic elements of the formal education process and its place in society.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of basic methods for the teaching of Social Studies in a secondary school setting.
  4. Identify and explain various methods designed to measure and assess student learning.
  5. Use computer-based and quantitative methods to conduct research on topics in the Social Sciences.
  6. Demonstrate sufficient academic knowledge and related skills to successfully pursue professional employment or graduate study.
Course Credit Requirements for a Major in Social Studies/Secondary Education
Courses Credits
General Education 49
Major Courses 31
      ECO 301 Macroeconomics 3
      GEO 401 Cultural Geography 3
      HIS 304 American History I 3
      HIS 305 American History II 3
      HIS 311 Classical and Medieval Civilizations 3
      HIS 317 Recent European History 3
      HIS 321 Non-Western Area Studies 3
      PSC 304 American National Government 3
      PSC 306 State and Local Government 3
      SOC 302 Social Problems 3
      SSC 100 Contemporary Affairs 1
Other Required Courses 5
      JRS 300 Junior Seminar 1
      Foreign Language Intermediate 6
Professional Education 33
      EDU 215 Human Development 3
      EDU 251 Foundations of Education 3
      EDU 302 Educational Psychology 3
      EDU 304 Educational Assessment and Evaluation 3
      EDU 322 Foundations of Reading 3
      EDU 405 Educational Seminar 3
      EDU 409 Reading and Writing in the Content Areas 3
      EDU 412 Observation and Directed Teaching 9
      EDU 415 Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Secondary Social Studies 3
Electives 6