Quality Enhancement Plan

The Quality Enhancement Project (QEP) is a highly structured initiative that is specifically designed to promote advanced reading comprehension and vocabulary development through building skills and strategies that will enhance participants’ ability to gain knowledge from their reading. The ultimate goal of the QEP is to support junior-level learners in mastering comprehension, vocabulary skills, and strategies to successfully deep process complex texts.

The QEP framework requires participants enrolled in Junior Seminar and/or QEP Designated courses to complete 15 clock hours in the Advanced Reading Center during the semester. The Advanced Reading Center is open between the hours of 9:00 am and 7:00 pm daily. The QEP Director and/or reading assistants are in the center to assist participants during the hours of operation. The Advanced Reading Center participants engage in whole group, small group, or individual activities to complete content area assignments or learn vocabulary words while in the Reading Center. The activities provided in the Reading Center are designed to assist students in strengthening their comprehension of complex texts and word knowledge skills.

Content area professors send weekly assignments that require the use of the SQ4R or Cornell Note taking Model to the Reading Center on a weekly basis. The assignments are sent a week prior to the time they will be discussed. Providing the reading assignment in advance provides an opportunity for students to build background knowledge of the content being discussed prior to the class discussion, thus giving all participants an equal opportunity for active participation in the meaningful Dialogue.

Gail China, QEP Director
Gail China, QEP Director

Patrice Cooper, Advanced Reading Center Assistant
Patrice Cooper 
Advanced Reading Center Assistant

Arswanette Myers, Data Clerk
Cheryl Mack 
Advanced Reading Center Assistant 

Cheryl Mack, Advanced Reading Center Assistant
Arswanette Myers, Data Entry Clerk

QEP 500 Word List