SGA President
  SGA President 

Dear Students:

As the 2018-2019 SGA President, I deem it an astounding honor to welcome a new incoming freshman class to our illustrious institution. Words cannot express my gratitude to you all for making the excellent choice of attending Morris College to pursue your degree in higher education. Your next few years will be full of joy, exhilaration, and memories that will last a lifetime. 

I would like to thank our returning students for electing me for this position. It is a great honor to have the support of my fellow students as we continue the growth and prosperity of Morris College. I hope to be a positive role model to my fellow students and assist in your pursuit of academic success and character development, while we all endeavor to make this school year a very exciting one.

If we all work together, we can make this year thrive academically, socially, and in all other aspects of human endeavors. Please, do not hesitate to approach me with any questions, comments, concerns or ideas you may come across. I encourage you to achieve whatever goals you set for this school year and utilize as many learning resources as possible so your college experience can go as smoothly as possible. 

As you "Enter to learn; Depart to serve" remember," if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.” Again, welcome!


Raekwon McFadden