Strategic Goals A black man in a suit and a white woman sit and talk

Goal 1: Strengthen the quality of the academic program and related academic support resources to provide a high quality education for students.

Goal 2: Promote a student-centered, caring, supportive and nurturing learning environment that will enhance student learning and success.

Goal 3: Maintain the fiscal stability of the institution and enhance its financial position to achieve excellence in all areas of operation and development.

Goal 4: Strengthen institutional effectiveness and management through commitment to excellence in all areas of operation.

Goal 5: Provide exceptional human and physical resources to support and promote a quality academic program, student learning and development, and the administrative operations of the College.

Goal 6: Acquire additional financial resources to enhance the educational, visual and operational stature of the college.

Goal 7: Continue to maintain and expand technology resources to achieve excellence in administrative operations and quality academic programs.