Student Health Services

The health program is coordinated by the Director of Health Services who can provide information about the program. All students are required to have a medical record that includes immunization for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) on file in the Health Services Center. Students are asked to have these forms turned in on the day of clearance or before registration.

There are limited health services on campus. Students requiring health services should contact the Health Services Center:

Mrs. Johnell Rogers, LPN
Director of Health Services
Mable K. Howard Building

The hours of operation for the Health Services Center are: Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Illnesses occurring after the Health Services Center has closed or on weekends and holidays should be reported to the Residence Hall Director or the Assistant Residence Hall Director on duty, and at their discretion, the Director of Health Services may be called.

Parents will be notified immediately if a student receives a serious injury, is admitted to the hospital, or is confined to the residence hall for more than two days because of illness.

Morris College Student Health Insurance Plan

Effective August 2014, Morris College implemented a new health insurance plan for students that comply with all requirements of the Affordable Care Act. To handle student health care needs,

a) The College has teamed with Colonial Family Practice (325 Broad Street, Sumter, SC) to provide Morris College insured students with comprehensive health care at their facility.

b) Colonial Family Practice can provide most health care needs as outlined in the Morris College Student Health Insurance Plan. They have a staff of doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals, and a pharmacy and urgent care services, on site.

c) All eligible Morris College students will have a health insurance card to use to obtain services.

d) The current Morris College Student Health Insurance Plan can be used at other medical facilities; however, it is recommended that you use providers in the network.

e) A copy of the Morris College Student Health Insurance Plan can be obtained by clicking here or from the Health Services Center.

f) For certain services, out‐of‐pocket co‐pays may apply while other services are covered 100%. If you have questions, review a copy of the Morris College Student Health Insurance Plan or consult Nurse Rogers and/Wellfleet Insurance Phone# (877)657-5030.

g) Election to “opt out” or waive student coverage can be exercised each semester. Notification will be provided to students regarding the period to obtain a waiver.

h) Students who elect to “opt out” of the Morris College Student Health Insurance Plan must obtain medical services from their own private insurance. Click here for Opt-Out instructions.

i) Students who choose not to “opt out” of insurance coverage will be charged the fee for insurance coverage through Morris College.

j) Brochures for students insured through the College, with explanations of insurance benefits, can be obtained from the Health Services Center or from the Morris College Student Health Insurance Program website.

Health Services Form

  1. Medical Examination Form

The form should only be returned to health services via email @, via mail, or brought to health services directly.

Health Services Resources

  1. Palmetto Health Tuomey