Dual Degree Program in Mathematics and Pre-Engineering Major


The Dual Degree Program in mathematics and engineering between Morris College and North Carolina A & T State University (NCAT) makes it possible for students to attend Morris College for approximately three academic years and then to transfer to North Carolina A & T State University for approximately two academic years. After completing the academic requirements of the two institutions, the students will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from Morris College and a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from NCAT. Students pursuing the Dual Degree Program may be jointly enrolled at both institutions.

Dual Degree Program students will be eligible to pursue a B.S. degree at NCAT in any of the following areas of engineering:

  • Architectural Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Biological Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Interdisciplinary General Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Radman M. Ali


Course Study Curriculum

Dual Degree Program Admission Requirements

To be accepted into the Dual Degree Program, a student: must have a “B” average in mathematics and a 3.0 GPA at the end of his / her first year at Morris College.

A Dual Degree Program student must complete the following requirements at Morris College:

  1. 60 hours of general education courses
  2. 44 hours of major and other courses required for a major in mathematics
  3. 12 hours of electives (If a student wishes to start his/her engineering courses at NCAT after completing the general education and major requirements at Morris College, he/she may take the twelve hours of electives at NCAT and transfer them back to Morris.)

Admission to the NCAT Engineering Program will be granted to a Dual Degree Program student who:

  1. has completed Morris College course requirements
  2. has maintained a minimum of 3.0 GPA
  3. is not on social or academic probation at the time of the transfer
  4. has not been suspended or dropped from another institution (if he / she has attended another institution)
  5. has submitted to NCAT the following documents:
    • NCAT’s standard undergraduate application
    • Recommendation letter from Morris College official
    • Official transcript from Morris College
    • Application fee