2017-18 Annual Reporting Measures

Impact Measures

1. Impact on P-12 Student Learning and Development (CAEP 4.1)

2. Teacher Effectiveness and Measures of Program Completers’ Impact on Student Learning (CAEP 4.2)

3. Employer Satisfaction with Graduates’ Performance and Persistence (CAEP 4.3)

4. Graduates’ Satisfaction with the EPP”s Teacher Preparation Program (CAEP 4.4)


Outcome Measures

5. Graduation Rate

6. Certification/Licensure Rate of Graduates

7. Employment Rate of Graduates

8. Consumer Information

  • Student Loan Default Rate of Program Completers
  • Program Completers’ Tuition Rate
  • Average Annual Salary of Teachers in Sumter and State of South Carolina

2018-19 Annual Reporting Measures

Annual Report