Your Advisor and You

Academic advising is a guide that helps you as a student to develop realistic plans for your educational endeavor. Students work with advisors to identify opportunities for improvement and advancement in their major field of study. Assistance with degree program explanation and completion as well as career planning will help students as they go through the Morris College registration process. 

The Advising Process

You and Your advisor should build an academic advising partnership. Each individual has a responsibility to the other partner. The below table is a list of responsibilities that an advisor and a student should perform in an academic advising partnership.

Advisor’s Responsibilities

Student’s Responsibilities

To help clarify and set realistic goals.

Structure academic profession and individual objectives.

Review strategies to reach objectives and contemplate alternatives if objectives are unachievable.

Design plans to reach objectives.

Assist a student in knowing the rules and regulations necessary for graduation.

Study the catalog, course needs, and audit sheets for degree requirements.

Be available for appointments as scheduled on a regular and predictable basis.

Make sure you schedule and keep appointments with your advisor.

Explain curricular options, answer registration questions and teach a student how to choose and schedule his or her classes.

Be prepared for advising sessions; bring degree needs or audit sheets and/or transcripts. Prepare a list of questions that you may want to have answered.

Provide the greatest imaginable guidance to help the student recognize particular abilities and interest to maximum on his/her fullest potential.

Discover ways to enhance and cultivate your education.

Identify resources, opportunities, and make referrals as suitable.

Reflect and follow up on the advice you are given.

Help explore problems, seek solutions, and make recommendations.

Seek help at the first sign of a problem; don’t expect a problem to resolve itself without proper action.

Contact an Advisor

All students at Morris College are assigned to an academic advisor. You should be able to check your assigned advisor from your MyhornetWeb Portal.

Once you know who your advisor is, you can contact your advisor directly to schedule an appointment and discuss what materials to bring with you.

You can find your advisor’s contact information by using the website directory or you can always call the Academic Office of the division in which you are enrolled and ask for the name of your academic advisor.