Administrative Organization of Morris College

The Board of Trustees

The governance of Morris College is vested in a Board of Trustees whose responsibilities include establishing broad institutional policies, securing financial resources to support adequately the program of the college, selecting the President of the College, and selecting, upon recommendation of the President, the other administrative officers, teachers, and staff of the college. Once the Board of Trustees has established broad policies, it leaves to the President of the College the responsibility for implementing these policies and for administering the affairs of the college. The Board of Trustees is composed of thirty-six members who are elected annually by the Baptist Educational and Missionary Convention of South Carolina upon the recommendation of a Committee on the Nomination of Trustees for Morris College. Persons who automatically serve on the Board of Trustees by virtue of the offices that they hold include the President, the Treasurer and the Recording Secretary of the Baptist State Convention, the President of the Baptist Congress of Christian Education, the President of the Baptist Brotherhood, the President of the State Ushers Auxiliary Convention, the President of the Young Woman’s Auxiliary Association, and the President of the College. The remaining twenty-seven members are elected by the Baptist State Educational and Missionary Convention in regular session and automatically include one member from the faculty of the college, the student body of the college, and the National Alumni Association.

Organizational Chart