Greetings from President Said Sewell Dr. Said Sewell

With great pride, I step into the role of the 11th President of Morris College. My aim is to serve you and the institution with the utmost dedication.

I sincerely appreciate the Board of Trustees and each student, alumnus, and faculty or staff member for your support and well wishes. Your collective efforts have been instrumental in shaping Morris College, and I am honored to be entrusted with the responsibility of serving the College at this point in its storied history.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Dr. Leroy Staggers, the 10th president of Morris College, for his tireless dedication over nearly three decades.

Our commitment remains resolute - to increase enrollment, enhance student success, support our faculty and staff, foster a vibrant campus life, raise funds, and strengthen the College's reputation. This commitment is not just essential, but a testament to the profound mission of Morris College that forms its foundation.

While periods of transition may pose challenges, the resilience of the Morris College community stems from our commitment to our students and dedication to the College’s mission. Each of you plays a pivotal role in continuously assessing our environmental conditions to ensure that we remain steadfast on our path to long-term success.

To facilitate this, I will be holding a series of internal and external listening sessions, entitled the “Essence of Morris College” Presidential Listening Tour. This is my chance to meet you, hear your experiences and stories about Morris, and allow you the opportunity to provide input and recommendations directly to me. Your feedback will help me shape the College's strategic vision and set the course for our future.

As we forge into the future of Morris College, let us all remember that our commitment to the students and the institution's mission stands unwavering.

Together, we will continue to advance Morris College, steadfast in our shared vision.

Said Sewell, Ph.D., CFRM
Morris College

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