Morris College Travel Abroad Program

The Morris College Travel Abroad Program takes the form of an enhanced field trip during spring break to gather research material for an academic project in a designated course (usually history or geography).

Benefits of the Travel Abroad experience:

  • First-hand observation and experiences to complement academic studies
  • Knowledge, understanding, and empathy from immersion in a foreign setting
  • Appreciation of other cultures and global issues
  • Opportunity to practice new language and communication skills

Past trips have included visits to the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, South Africa, China, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Italy, Greece, and the Netherlands.

The program is open to upperclassmen in good standing. Faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the college may participate, on a space-available basis.

Students on a Travel Abroad trip

Student standing in front of a rock wall on a 2017 study abroad trip