Dress and Grooming

Dress Code:

Morris College expects its students to dress appropriately and in a manner that will project the social image that their status suggests. Neatness in appearance and personal cleanliness are most important in determining what impression the student will make on fellow students and professors as well as on visitors who may be in the buildings. Understanding and employing these attributes not only improve the quality of one's life and contribute to optimum morale; they also play a major role in instilling a sense of integrity and an appreciation for values and ethics.

Clothing will be properly worn (belts buckled, shirts buttoned, pants must be worn above the hips, i.e., where undergarments are not visible) and must be decent and clean at all times. Clothing with derogatory, offensive and/or lewd messages either in words or pictures is inappropriate academic attire.

Halter tops, tank shirts, and shorts, skirts or dresses (with splits) higher than three inches above the knee in the front and back are inappropriate academic attire and should not be worn while attending classes, performing work-study assignments, and attending assemblies and other college functions. In addition, biker shorts, spandex shorts, or any excessively tight clothing is considered improper attire. Hats or any head cover for men are also inappropriate in the dining hall, classroom, offices, or at formal College activities, including assemblies. Bedroom slippers or shower shoes should not be worn outside of one's residential area.

Students are encouraged to wear traditional church attire to dinner on Sunday. When in doubt concerning appropriate attire, students are encouraged to consult with their residence director or the Office of Student Affairs.

Each student is expected to respect and comply with the dress code.