Early Childhood Education Major


Students interested in teaching pre-kindergarten through third grade should declare a major in Early Childhood Education. Early Childhood Education majors should complete the general education program, major subject matter requirements, professional education courses and all requirements for certification.

Course Study Curriculum

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of students as diverse learners including exceptionalities, learning styles, intelligences, second language acquisition and the influence of prior learning experiences, as well as knowledge of the legislation governing students.
  2. Apply the theoretical foundations of human development, human motivation and human behavior in the learning environment to support developmentally appropriate learning.
  3. Using knowledge of the foundations of learning and human development, engage in learning activities that teach autonomy and initiative, thereby providing effective classroom management and strategies that will promote purposeful learning.
  4. Employ major physical, social, emotional, and cognitive processes associated with child development to provide a wide range of appropriate instructional strategies, as well as assessment strategies, using all available resources to enhance student learning.
  5. Articulate the steps in planning all phases of the learning process, using national, state and local standards to insure that developmental appropriateness in all experiences is maintained.
  6. Demonstrate application and integration of effective communication techniques both verbal and nonverbal with students and parents.
  7. Implement a personal growth plan to incorporate professional development and usage of community resources to enhance the learning process for themselves, the students, the parents, and the community as a whole.
  8. Interpret all major laws related to students’ rights and teacher responsibilities to meet the needs of all students.
Course Credit Requirements for Early Childhood Education
Courses Credits
General Education 49
Major Courses 24
      EDU 306 Behavior and Development of the Young Child 3
      EDU 310 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment - Language Development  3
      EDU 311 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment - Early Childhood Classroom 3
      EDU 316 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment - Mathematics for Early Childhood  3
      EDU 318 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment - Health and Physical Education for Early Childhood Education 3
      EDU 321 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment - Visual and Performing Arts for Early Childhood Education 3
      EDU 323 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment - Social Studies for Early Childhood Education 3
      EDU 430 Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Difficulties 3
Other Required Courses 15
      GSC 201 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment - Health and Science for Early Childhood Education 4
      HIS 304 American History I or HIS 305 American History II  3
      JRS 300 Junior Seminar 1
      SSC 100 Contemporary Affairs 1
      Foreign Language 6
Professional Education 30
      EDU 215 Human Development 3
      EDU 251 Foundations of Education 3
      EDU 302 Educational Psychology 3
      EDU 304 Educational Assessment and Evaluation 3
      EDU 319 Literature for Children and Adolescents 3
      EDU 400 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment in Reading 3
      EDU 402 Observation and Directed Teaching 9
      EDU 405 Educational Seminar 3
Electives 6