Student Orientation

The Orientation is an opportunity for new students to learn how to navigate through campus and will introduce them to the Hornet family. Our desire is to provide a balanced introduction to opportunities and expectations at Morris College.

New Student Orientation

The Morris College New Student Orientation takes place at the beginning of the Fall Semester. It is a five-day program that starts on move-in-day. The primary goal of the orientation program is to assist new students in the transition from high school to college life. Through a program of structured activities, new students are welcomed and introduced to the Morris College community. Select upperclassmen serve as student leaders and work as guides from the first day. New students can depend on them to help locate various campus resources and to answer any questions.

During the orientation process, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet fellow classmates
  • Register for classes
  • Learn about Residential Life
  • Meet faculty from various programs on campus
  • Learn campus resources

*New students are required to attend all orientation activities outlined in the orientation packet included in the informational booklet given on move-in-day.

Late Registrants and Transfer Students Orientation

A brief one-hour orientation is scheduled for Transfer students and new students who register after the beginning of classes. This orientation covers important information about the campus and resources available. Students will receive a letter with the date and time of the orientation meeting.

Spring and Summer Session Orientation

Orientation for new students for the Spring semester and Summer Session is a condensed three-hour session to assist students with transitioning into the Morris College family. The orientation activities during the Spring and Summer include an overview of our campus resources, introduction to our college administrators, and a review of important campus policies and procedures. New students will receive an orientation packet and schedule on the opening days of the Spring semester and Summer Session.