Welcome to the Webpage of the Morris College Choirs

This page is both for people who are interested in finding out more about Morris College choirs, as well as for current choir members. On this webpage, you will find everything from our choirs' calendar of events, auditions, and practice dates. When you sing with the choirs at Morris College; you are part of a community. The Morris College Choirs are a community of undergraduate singers of diverse musical backgrounds and interests who seek to share and excel in choral music performance as a part of their educational development.

The Morris College Choirs are made up of two choral groups: Chorale and Gospel. The choral groups consist of 40 members. Both groups have performed at events throughout various cities in the United States. The Morris College choirs are under the direction of Assistant Professor of Music Mr. Herbert J. Johnson.


Whenever you can, please come out and listen to these wonderful inspirational groups. 

Morris Choirs Event Videos


 Chorale   Gospel Choir 

Gospel Choir wins first place

1.   It is well with my soul 1.  I know what prayer can do Gospel Choir wins Choir of the Year
2.  Chorale Spring Concert 2.  Every Praise