Community Service

Morris College considers community and public service to be an integral part of student development and scholarly engagement. Therefore, the College encourages faculty, staff and students to engage in community and public service projects. Quite frequently student organizations such as fraternities and sororities conduct community service projects in connection with a variety of community agencies and organizations. Currently the College has three on-going community service projects.

  1. The CHIP/SCHIP Program is a federally funded program that seeks to encourage children and the elderly to enroll in insurance programs to provide medical attention.

    Historical Black Colleges and Universities CHIP/SCHIP Outreach Program and the South Carolina Department and Human Services (SC DHHS) are provided with funds by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare (CMMS) and are currently conducting outreach education targeted toward historical black colleges and universities in rural areas of South Carolina. The schools targeted in this program are Morris College and Voorhees College in Denmark, South Carolina. The primary goal of this program is to conduct outreach in rural areas to enroll potential SCHIP children and the elderly in insurance programs. The outreach strategy is to train students from Morris College to conduct outreach education in Sumter and Lee Counties.
  2. The Soulfully Fit Program

    The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC)- Wateree Public Health District in collaboration with the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's Management Academy for Public Health designed a program addressing the chronic disease health disparities which affect African- Americans disproportionately. Morris College and SC DHEC- Wateree Public Health in partnership will address these health disparities through a program called Soulfully Fit. Soulfully Fit is a church based health program focused on African-American women. The goal of the program is to increase health awareness among these women by promoting physical activity, healthier eating habits, smoking cessation, stress reduction and early detection and screenings. Morris College is serving as the fiscal agent, assisting in the recruitment of churches for participation in the program and providing it's Health Science students internships through this program.

  3. The Division of Business Administration has an alliance with the Santee-Lynches Regional Council of Governments to provide assistance in the areas of marketing, accounting and bookkeeping for new businesses.