Cybersecurity Major


Cybersecurity is the measures taken to protect computer networks, electronic-devices, programs, and electroni9c data against Criminal or unauthorized access or attack. It is a security designed to protect Information Technology (IT).

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Radman M. Ali


Course Study Curriculum

Learning Outcomes for the Cybersecurity Program

Upon completion of the cybersecurity degree program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply relevant skills and problem-solving ability to solve cyber problems at various levels
  2. Monitor networks and security breaches
  3. Install security software in public and private networks
  4. Plan, coordinate and implement network security measures to protect and defend the Cyber-infrastructure of governmental and private institutions
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of the accepted principles of ethical and moral conduct within the cybersecurity profession that protects the Information Technology IT of clients
  6. Demonstrate a level of subject matter content knowledge and applied skills in order to pursue graduate study and professional careers in public and private institutions and industries

Course Credits 
General Education Requirements  49
Major Course Requirements  40
    CSS103: Introduction to Cybersecurity 3
    CSS104: Python Programming  4
    CSS201: Web Application Programming I 4
    CSS202: Web Application Programming II 4
    CSS300: Operating Systems/Linux 3
    CSS320: Database Design and Principles 3
    CSS330: Cybercrime, Cyberlaw, and Cyberethics 3
    CSS410: Malware Analysis 3
    CSS420: Computer Security and Networks I 4
    CSS440: Computer Security and Networks II 3
    CSS450: Cybersecurity Seminar (Capstone Course) 3
Other Course Requirements  18
     CSC101: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Logic 3
     CSC102: Computer Programming I 4
     CSC201: Computer Programming II 4
      JRS300: Junior Seminar 1
     MAT104: Trigonometry 3
     MAT206: Introductory Probability and Statistic 3
Electives 13
                Total 120


  • Students majoring in other disciplines who want to minor in Cybersecurity are required to complete the following courses:

    Course Credit Requirements for a Minor in Cybersecurity
    Course Credits
    CSS 103 Introduction to Cybersecurity 3
    CSS 104 Python Programming 4
    CSS 300 Operating Systems 3
    CSC 320 Database Design and Principles 3
    CSS 420 Computer Security and Networks I 4
    CSS 440 Computer Security and Networks II 3
    TOTAL 20