Morris College Receives $10,000 for Endowed Scholarship

Elder James Elbert Williams ‘04, co-owner of Williams Funeral Home, Inc., presented the college with funds for a $10,000 endowed scholarship to be established in honor of his late mother, Mrs. Magnolia Robinson Williams.

Mrs. Magnolia Robinson Williams, who attended the college during the late 1940s, was a strong proponent of education and made sure that all her children were educated. She also supported other students pursuing an education; as co-owner of Williams Funeral Home at the time, she rented rooms to Morris College students. "My mother would be proud that students are able to pursue their education from an endowed scholarship in her name," Elder Williams said. The college also offers an endowed scholarship in honor of her husband and Elder Williams’ father, the late Rev. Frank E. Williams, Sr.

The Williams family have been loyal advocates for Morris College for many years. In addition to being an alumnus himself, two of Elder Williams’ children – Torey A. Shannon ‘12 and Natiya M. Neal ‘16 - have carried on the legacy by also becoming alumni of the college. "As a child, I remember my parents lived across the street from the college. I even remember playing on campus grounds. Although my family has traditionally been affiliated with the United Methodist Church, we will always support Morris College," he said.

The Magnolia Robinson Williams Endowed Scholarship will be awarded to a full-time student majoring in Criminal Forensics or Education. Eligible recipients must have a 2.5 GPA or above and exhibit good citizenship.