Human Resources Office

The mission of the Human Resources Office is to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse and skilled workforce and to foster a healthy, safe and productive work environment for employees and the public; necessary for the college to accomplish its goals. We deliver best practice human resources consultation and services with professionalism, confidentiality, and integrity.

We are committed to the following core values:

  • Employee Development: We encourage all faculty and staff members to acquire new or advanced knowledge and skills for their professional enrichment and maximum potential.
  • Customer Service: We are committed to providing timely and expert human resources consultation and services to all employees, applicants, administrators, alumni, and the general public.
  • Advocacy: We are committed to valuing and advocating for staff members by providing support and assistance when needed.
  • Integrity: We promote honesty and trust, and honor our commitment to ethical conduct that promotes fairness and respect.

The Human Resources Office works across the community to provide human resource consulting; administer programs to ensure the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce; manage efficient human resource systems and information; develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure an equitable workplace for all staff members and ensure compliance with federal and state statutes; develop competitive compensation and benefits programs; serve as a resource for work/life and wellness initiatives; and maintain effective communication with all faculty and staff members regarding various human resources topics.

Ms. Abby Lawson
Human Resources, Director

Contact Information:

Mail to:
Director of Human Resources
Morris College
100 West College Street
Sumter, SC 29150

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Contact: 803-934-3298/3299
Cindy Gaymon
Human Resources Assistant