Campus Security

Campus security officers have responsibility for the protection of campus residents and college property. They are also responsible for assisting in maintaining order on the campus. Students are required to respect the authority of security officers and cooperate with them in the discharge of these responsibilities. Students are to give their names correctly and present ID cards upon request of security officers and follow their instructions.

If a student feels that a security officer has violated his/her rights, he/she may present the grievances to the Dean of Student Affairs, but no student has the right to defy the authority of a security officer.

Alcoholic beverages and other drugs are not permitted on the College campus. If a security officer has probable cause to believe that alcoholic beverages or other drugs are being trafficked into the campus, the officer is authorized by the College to check the vehicle. Any person found guilty of having illegal goods in his/her vehicle or person will be turned over to the city law enforcement officials.

(Campus Security Report - PDF)

(Campus Fire Safety Report - PDF)

Motor Vehicles

Freshman resident students not permitted to bring automobiles or other motor vehicles to campus.

Limited parking is available on-campus. All faculty, staff and student drivers are required to purchase a Morris College Parking Permit in order to park their cars on-campus. Parking permits may be purchased from the Head Security Officer.

Students must park in assigned parking areas only. Parking is not permitted behind residence halls or in other restricted areas. Vehicles parked in restricted areas will be towed away at the owner's expense.

All vehicle operators must park their vehicles immediately upon arrival on campus. Vehicles must remain parked and locked while on-campus. Sitting in parked vehicles is not permitted. Violators of the parking policies will be denied on-campus parking privileges.