Emergency Notification System

As part of Morris College’s ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of the campus community, the College has implemented an Emergency Notification System (Omnilert). The system will send time-sensitive text and voice messages, email, and sound an outdoor siren alarm in the event of an emergency.

In order to receive text and voice mail message alerts, all students, faculty and staff must register to receive the emergency alerts. While participation in the text and voice messaging system is voluntary, we strongly encourage everyone to register. The information that you provide is considered confidential and will not be shared. The Emergency Notification System and the data provided will only be used in the event of an emergency. After you have registered, you have the right to delete and/or update your information. It is your responsibility to keep your information updated.

Create An Account

Please register - it only takes a minute.

Be sure to have your cell phone with you and turned on, as you will need it to complete the registration.

Please remember the following when completing the registration form:

  • You must enter a username, first and last name, and create a password.
  • You do not need to list your cell phone carrier to create an account.
  • If you are a student, check the student group box; if you are a faculty/staff member, check the staff group box.

Receiving Notifications

Once you have created an account, you may select up to three options for how to receive a notification (you can register for more than one in a category):

  • Text Message
  • E-mail
  • Voice Mail

Please be sure to follow the instructions about validating your cell phone number and/or e-mail account. To validate your cell phone, you must type in the validation code that is sent to your cell phone. Validation for e-mail accounts requires that you reply to the validation e-mail that you receive from Morris e2Campus/Omnilert.

Once you have validated your cell phone number and/or e-mail, the registration process is complete and you can log out.

Log On to the Morris College - Omnilert Emergency Notification System (ENS)