Messages from the President:

It gives me great pleasure to welcome our returning and new students back to campus for the Fall 2022 semester. Morris College's administration, faculty and staff are looking forward to a great year, helping to develop and grow your academic and social development.  Know that we are eager to see you and if there is any assistance neeeded, please reach out to us immediately. 

Residence halls will open for new students beginning at 9 a.m. on Saturday, August 13, 2022, and for continuing and transfer students on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, with the clearance of student accounts and the issuing of registration permits. Registration for Freshman will take place on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, and registration for continuing and transfer students is on Wednesday, August 17, 2022. Classes will begin on Thursday, August 18, 2022. 

Please remember that our COVID-19 protocols will remain in place with immediate COVID-19 testing as you enter the campus in the Neal-Jones Auditorium.  Existing rules and procedures related to social distancing, the wearing of face masks, and the handling of persons who display symptoms of COVID-19 or test positive for the virus will be in place to make our interaction with one another as safe as possible. The health and safety of the college community is a shared responsibility. Therefore, it is absolutely critical to have 100% compliance with these measures so as to avoid the spread of infection and the need to discontinue the on-campus activity.

The administration, faculty, and staff very much look forward to your return in August.

Welcome back #HornetNation,

Dr. Leroy Staggers,


Pre-Registration/Registration Steps for Fall 2022

1.  Student Pre-registration Instructions 

2.  Academic Advisors List

3.  Academic Fall 2022 Course Schedule
4.  Tuition Fees

Key Registration Contacts:

1. Enrollment Management and Records

  • Dr. Chris Hall, Interim Director of Enrollment Management and Records
  • Office: (803) 934-3216 or Toll-Free: (866) 853-1345
  • Email:

2. Financial Aid

  • Ms. Sul Black, Director of Financial Aid
  • Office: (803) 934-3238
  • Email:

3. Business Affairs

  • Mr. Robert Eaves, Director of Business Affairs
  • Office: (803) 934-3229
  • Email:

4. Academic Affairs

  • Dr. Lewis Graham, Interim Academic Dean
  • Office: (803) 934-3213
  • Email:

5. Student Affairs

  • Dr. Juana Davis-Freeman, Dean of Student Affairs 
  • Office: (803) 934-3217
  • Email at 

New and Transfer Students Instructions

Returning Students Instructions

How Do I Get an LMS or Student Email Account

To access your courses, you must be cleared financially and fully registered. Your LMS username and password are the same ones that you used for accessing the Admissions portal. For assistance, please call 803.934.3404. Click Student Email and Office 365 to set up your email account and access the Office 365 tools.

Note: You can check your Admission status, Financial Aid status, and Class Schedule using your Username and Password on the Learning Management System (LMS).

Video: How to use the Learning Management System (LMS) with your username and password.

Frequently Asked Questions