Submit a letter of application, personal resume, three letters of recommendation (must be mailed) and official academic transcripts to: Director of Personnel, Morris College, 100 W. College St., Sumter, SC 29150-3599. Morris College is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. 

  1. Download and print the form.
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Current Openings

ACADEMIC DEAN:  The Academic Dean reports to the President, serves as the college's chief academic officer, and is second in line of executive authority after the President.  The Academic Dean supervises the work of five academic divisions, the Director of an adult degree completion program, the Director of Admissions and Records, the directors of two TRiO Program projects, the Director of Career Services Center, and the Director of the Learning Resources Center.  The Academic Dean supervises all aspects of the college's curriculum, all aspects of its instructional program, and all aspects of student academic advisement.  He or she recommends to the President the appointment or reappointment of all faculty members, supervises the orientation of all new faculty, oversees the evaluation of faculty performance, and promotes programs of  faculty development.

Applicants for this position must possess an earned doctorate degree from an institution that is regionally accredited and must have at least five years of experience in college or university academic administration.  Applicants must also possess good organizational skills, the ability to manage a wide variety of responsibilities, and the ability to maintain positive interpersonal relationships with faculty, staff and students.  Salary for this position is dependent upon training and experience.  Effective July 2, 2018.

DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES:  To coordinate and manage the human resource functions for the College, including recruitment and staffing, employee orientation and development/training, compensation and benefits administration, personnel records, employee contract administration, and compliance by the College with  personnel policies and state/federal laws and requirements. Manage the staff of the human resources department. Develop and implement human resource initiatives and college policies. Provide counsel to management on personnel matters within their scope of responsibility. Serve as the College's Title IX Coordinator. Prepare and process employee data for payroll department. Must have requisite knowledge of federal/state employment laws and regulations and possess thorough knowledge of human resource management principles and best practices.  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required.  Must have ability to collaborate and work effectively with others. A Master's Degree in Human Resources Management or related field from a regionally accredited institution and a minimum five (5) years of experience in human resource management is required.  Effective July 2, 2018.

DIRECTOR OF PHYSICAL PLANT AND TRANSPORTATION:  To serve as the college's chief physical plant operations and maintenance officer and render direct technical maintenance services where possible.  Supervise the college's programs of building and utility repair and maintenance, custodial services, grounds services, vehicle maintenance and vehicle assignment.  Supervise all minor renovations to the college's physical plant, and coordinate with other appropriate administrative officers and outside contractors in assisting the completion of all major renovations and new construction on the campus. Develop plans and specifications for minor renovation projects on campus involving either departmental personnel or outside contractors. Prepare reports regarding the current status and future needs of the college's physical plant.  Recommend the budget that is necessary to operate the department during each fiscal year, and operate the department within the requirements of the approved budget.  Must have working knowledge of mechanical, electrical or structural technology, and ability to read and interpret technical maintenance manuals. Must have demonstrated ability to plan, direct and supervise a program of physical plant operation and maintenance.  Ability to communicate and work effectively with other staff employees and outside contractors is required. A Bachelor's degree, Masters Preferred, in Business Administration or related field from a regionally accredited institution and three years of supervisory work experience in plant management, technical management, construction management or other related field is required.  Must be available June 1, 2018.

DIRECTOR OF RESIDENTIAL LIFE:  To administer all aspects of the college's residential life program for students residing in campus housing to include the living spaces, interpersonal relationships with other campus residents, developmental experiences as campus residents, and relationships with parents that impact upon campus residents.  Must have a master's degree in student personnel services, guidance and counseling, psychology or other related field from a regionally accredited institution and three years of professional experience in student personnel services, housing, youth counseling or other related field. Salary dependent upon training and experience.  Effective July 1, 2018.

CHAIRPERSON, DIVISION OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION:  To lead the Division of Business Administration effective immediately.  Must have a doctorate in Business Administration and five years experience teaching college courses in Business Administration. Position carries faculty rank of Assistant or Associate Professor and salary commensurate with training and experience. The divsion chair serves as Coordinator of Business Administration curriculum, teaches at least three courses each semester and also teaches in the Summer School, recommends the appointment of new faculty, evaluates faculty performance, works with faculty to improve instruction and academic advising, prepres and administers the divisional budget, and presides over regular divisional meetings.  The chair assists the Academic Dean in preparing class schedules and making faculty assignments.  Must be available July 2, 2018.

CHAIRPERSON, DIVISION OF EDUCATION: To provide administrative, instructional and curriculum leadership for the college's programs in Teacher Education, Health Science, and Recreation Administration and teach courses in the area of Education. Must have a doctorate degree in Education and three years of experience in college teaching and/or academic administration.  Salary dependent upon training and experience.  Must be available July 2, 2018.

CHAIRPERSON, DIVISION OF GENERAL STUDIES:  To administer the college's General Education Program of instruction and advisement for freshmen and sophomore students as well as teach courses in the program.  Must have a doctorate degree in any academic area of humanities, social sciences or natural sciences and three years of experience in college-level teaching and/or academic administration. Must be available August  2018.

DIRECTOR OF TEACHER EDUCATION:  To provide leadership and strategic planning for all teacher education programs and is responsible for coordinating teacher education internships; recommending prospective teachers for certification; and coordinating follow-up studies of the employment records of graduates.  In addition, the Director of Education serves as a faculty member in the Division of Education, as Chairman of the Teacher Education Advisory Council, and as faculty advisor to the Student National Education Association.  The successful candidate must have a terminal degree from an accredited institution in a teacher education content area and at least three years demonstrated experience in education administration.   Effective Immediately.

ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION:  To teach four or five courses (12 to 15 credit hours) each semester in Early Childhood Education.  Participate in registration, student advising, committee assignments and other duties as assigned.  Must have Ph.D. in Early Childhood Education from a regionally accredited institution.  Must be available August 2018.

ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION:  To teach four or five courses (12 to 15 credit hours) each semester in Elementary Education.  Participate in registration, student advising, committee assignments and other duties as assigned.  Must have Ph.D. in Elementary Education from a regionally accredited institution.  Must be available August 2018.

ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF MATHEMATICS:  To teach mathematics courses ranging in scope from college algebra to calculus series, and from abstract and linear algebra to differential equations.  Applicant must possess the ability, the credentials and the desire to advise and engage undergraduate students in research and other mathematical activities.  Applicant must have the background and desire to integrate computer technology to the teaching of mathematics.  Ph.D. and experience in full-time college teaching required.  Must be available August  2018.

INSTRUCTOR/ASSISTANT/ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF DEVELOPMENTAL MATHEMATICS:  To teach four to five (12 to 15 credit hours) developmental mathematics courses. Participate in registration, student advising, committee assignments and other duties as assigned. Applicant must have the background and desire to integrate computer technology to the teaching of mathematics. Work closely with the Director of the Developmental Studies Program coordinating the use of the Northstar Software along with math time designated in the Academic Success Center Lab. A Master's degree in Mathematics from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum of 2-5 years college teaching experience required.  Must be available August 2018.

COMPUTER SCIENTIST: To teach introductory Computer Science courses and introductory Cybersecurity courses and to develop courses for a concentration in Cybersecurity in an NNSA grant supported position.  M.S. or Ph.d. in Computer Science with a background in Cybersecurity.  Must be available August 2018.

SUPPLEMENTAL READING INSTRUCTOR:  To provide supplemental instruction in collaboration with course instructors in Reading. Must possess strong organizational and time management skills with demonstrated ability to coordinate and collaborate with faculty and students.  Demonstrated effective communication (written and oral) and computer skills are required.  Must have a bachelor's degree, Masters preferred, from a regionally accredited institution in Reading with two years of experience.  Effective Immediately.

ACADEMIC SUCCESS CENTER COORDINATOR:  To coordinate with Developmental Studies Program faculty and Supplemental Instructors to ensure the Academic Success Center provides proper instructional support to students in reading, writing, and math.  Renders assistance to students regarding the operation and use of hardware and software in the computer laboratory.  Arranges schedules in coordination with the Director of Developmental Studies Program for students to be tutored individually and collectively in the computer laboratory to enhance their foundational skills.  Maintains a continual update of the Northstar software, a program that identifies various reading, writing, and math skills for students to hone their skills and the Accuplacer, a placement test given to all incoming freshmen for placement into reading, writing, or math classes.  Ensures that all hardware and software in the Academic Success Center are in proper working condition.  Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Technology or related field and a minimum 2-5 years of experience is required. Effective Immediately.

COMPUTER CENTER ASSISTANT: To assist the Computer Center staff in providing computer-related support to the campus community.  Knowledge of Windows 7 and 8, Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013, website applications, and networks is required.  Also, demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, and to work as a team member.  Prior work in a higher education institution is a plus.  A Bachelor's degree in a computer technology field (with one year experience) or an Associate's degree in a computer technology field and three years experience in computer technology is required. Degrees must be from an accredited institution.  Effective Immediately.

COMPUTER LABORATORY ASSISTANT:  Provide the academic users with micro-computer services, micro-computer product training, communications regarding institutional micro-computer issues, management of centralized micro-computer laboratories, produce statistics on computer use, and compile data for required student document reports.  Associate's Degree in data processing or computer science required along with a diverse knowledge of technologies (i.e. PCs, Microsoft Office, and LANs).  Effective Immediately.

RESIDENCE HALL DIRECTOR (3 positons) (Female Dormitory (1),  Male Dormitory (2) ): To supervise a male residence hall and provide individual and group counseling to residents.  Supervise the housekeeping and general cleaning of the residence hall.  Provide assistance to residents, ensuring the building is well kept and safe for residents receiving college guests into the residence hall.  Bachelor of Science degree required.  Effective Immediately.

CAMPUS SAFETY OFFICER (2 positions): Responsibilities would include patrolling the campus to ensure the security of persons and property, maintaining good order, investigating incidents of disruption on the campus, and controlling campus traffic. Effective Immediately.

HEAD WOMEN'S BASKETBALL COACH (Part-Time):  To maintain all aspects of a Division II women basketball program within college and National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) policy.  To include recruitment and development of academically and athletically qualified student-athletes while maintaining a recruiting database.  Oversees scheduling of opponents. Coordinate on-campus prospect visits and off-campus recruiting.  Assist with practice and game planning and management. Participate in public relations activities and special projects.  Complete and submit all necessary institution, conference and NAIA required documents and reports. Must have knowledge and a commitment to institution, conference and NAIA rules and regulations.  A Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution and prior coaching experience is required (head coaching or collegiate coaching experience preferred). Effective Immediately.

RESIDENCE HALL ASSISTANT  (Part-Time) (4 positions):To supervise and monitor a residence hall, assist residents with all aspects of the housing program, and make periodic checks of student's rooms and general areas.   Effective Immediately.