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Using the net price calculator, you can find out your eligibility for financial aid from the schools to which you plan to apply and estimate your out-of-pocket expenses.

Morris College Fee Schedule

Health Insurance "Opt-Out" Information 

Students who can provide Morris College with confirmation that they are already covered by an acceptable Health Insurance plan can elect to "Opt-Out" of the Morris College plan and not pay the insurance fees. Click here for "Opt-Out" information.

Refund Policy

The Higher Education Amendments of 1998 (Public Law 105-244) changed substantially the way funds paid toward a student’s education are to be handled when a recipient of Student Financial Aid (SFA) funds withdraws from school.  Morris College, therefore, has changed its refund policy to coincide with the New Higher Education Return of Title IV Funds Policy.

A student who withdraws from the college after registration but before he/she has completed 60 percent of the period of enrollment is entitled to a credit of tuition, fees, room and board based on the following formula:

The percentage of the period of enrollment completed =

the number of calendar days completed in the period as of the day the student withdrew divided by the number of calendar days in the period of enrollment

Percentage of the period of enrollment completed multiplied by institutional charges = adjusted charges after withdrawal

Example: 15 days completed prior to withdrawal divided by 112 days in a period of enrollment = 13% period of enrollment completed

                            13% x $10,337.00 = $1,343.81 adjusted charges

Students who move off-campus during the semester for any reason other than withdrawal will not receive any refund of their room and board charges.  The insurance fee also is non-refundable.

Note:  The preceding formula is also used to determine how much SFA Program funds the student has earned at the time of withdrawal.  After the 60 percent point in the period of enrollment, a student has earned 100 percent of the SFA Program funds. (See Consumer Information Bulletin).