Upward Bound

Academic Component/Summer Component

Upward Bound is a pre-college preparatory program designed to assist qualified students to successfully graduate from secondary and enter postsecondary educational programs. The program is continuous with the Academic Component and the Summer Component. During the academic year, classes and tutorial sessions are held bi-monthly on Saturdays. Students live on the Morris College campus for six weeks during the Summer Component. They receive instruction and counseling in the basic academic and elective subjects. Field trips, as well as culturally enriching activities, are included in both the Academic and Summer Component.

Services Offered

  • Intensive individual and small group counseling and tutoring
  • Educational materials and supplies
  • Cultural enrichment activities
  • Individualized instruction in Math, Science, English, Reading, Computer Literacy, and Foreign Language
  • Small stipends
  • Six weeks residence and meals on the campus during the Summer Component
  • Lunch during the Saturday sessions
  • Field trips
  • Visits to postsecondary institutions
  • Major cultural and educational enrichment trips


Bridge Component

The Bridge Program is designed to "bridge the gap" between high school and college. The program offers a transitional period that will be used to acclimate the student to college life.

Bridge students will be on campus for a period of six (6) weeks for the Summer School Session.

Students enrolled in Bridge must take at least six (6) hours of college credit classes and maintain an acceptable average in order to be considered for the program stipend. In addition to the six college credits attempted, students must also attend a regularly scheduled class with the Upward Bound Component.