Residence Halls

Residence Halls

Moving in...

Comfortable residence halls quickly become “home away from home” for the students. Roommates become lifelong friends, and each residence hall sponsors and hosts many activities that facilitate interaction and create a living-learning environment for the residents. Educational film series and seminar-lecture activities are major residence hall program thrusts.

Morris College has five residence halls: two for females, two for males, and one assigned as needed. Each residence hall contains a learning center complete with a mini-library and computers, television/social lounges, telephone service, a microwave oven, vending machines, laundry facilities, and access to Internet service and cable television from individual rooms.

Students wishing to reserve a room in one of the college’s residence halls for the regular academic year (fall and/or spring semesters), summer sessions included must submit a one time refundable room deposit of $100.00 with a completed Housing Agreement form.

The Housing Agreement should be returned by August 1 for the Fall Semester, by December 1 for the Spring Semester, by May 1 for the Summer Session.

Housing Forms

  1. Confidentiality Form
  2. Emergency Contact Information 
  3. Medical Examination Form
  4. Emergenceny Treatment
  5. What To Bring

Housing Agreement Terms

    1. This agreement is binding for TWO ACADEMIC SEMESTERS (Fall and Spring) in which the student is enrolled at Morris College. This agreement terminates at the end of the Spring Semester but may be renewed for the Summer Session(s).
    2. If the student is officially released from the agreement for a given semester, and then re-enrolls in the college during the subsequent semester of the agreement period, the student's obligation is renewed for the duration of the agreement period. In this case, the student must complete a Change of Housing Status in the Office of Student Affairs so that a room may be reassigned.


    1. Students who have submitted a properly executed Housing Agreement Form and have paid a room reservation fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) by the deadline date indicated on the Agreement Form will have a room reserved for them starting with the date designated for the official opening of the residence halls. Students who submit Housing Agreement Forms and room reservation fees after the deadline date indicated on the Agreement Form shall be assigned to whatever campus housing is still available. In either case, the $100.00 fee will be converted to a payment toward part of the total fee due on the room when the student actually occupies the reserved room.
    2. A room reservation approved for any student shall be kept available for that student until the student arrives to occupy the room or until 5:00 p.m. on the first day of regular registration, whichever shall occur first. Students with a room reservation who fail to occupy their rooms by 5:00 p.m. on the first day of regular registration and who have not requested an extension of time from the Director of Residential Life shall lose their guarantee of a reserved room. In such cases, the student's room reservation fee shall be either forfeited or applied to the occupancy of a room after the first day of registration depending upon whether the student decides to enroll at the College and to occupy campus housing.
    3. A Housing Permit verifying that the student has cleared all previous financial and other obligations to the College must be obtained from the Business Office and presented to the Residence Hall Director before a student will be allowed to occupy any assigned room. Students who arrive at the campus to occupy campus housing and who do not possess a Housing Permit shall be directed to go to the Business Office to obtain one prior to being allowed to occupy campus housing. If such students arrive when the Business Office is closed, they shall be required to return to their homes and come back to the campus when the Business Office has reopened.
    4. The residence halls are closed during official College vacation periods which are Christmas Vacation, Spring Vacation, and at the conclusion of the Spring Semester and Summer Sessions. These periods are not included in the Housing Agreement, and the right to use the residence halls during these periods is reserved by the College. Residents must arrange for their housing off campus during these periods.


    1. Acceptance of this Agreement by the College shall be assumed binding unless rejection is communicated to the student prior to room assignment. Acceptance of this agreement does not guarantee a specific room assignment or admission to the College. Assignment of a room is contingent upon official admission to the College, receipt of the completed Housing Agreement Form and room reservation fee, and the availability of space. Once a room key is signed for and received, you will be charged as a residential student for the current semester or agreement period. Students who move off campus during the semester for any reason other than withdrawal will not receive any refund of their room and board charges.
    2. Rooms may be occupied ONLY by students to whom they are assigned. Rooms may not be sublet to other persons. Room changes may be made only after approval of the Residence Director. Monetary charges may be assessed and/or disciplinary action may be taken against violators.
    3. The College reserves the right to consolidate vacancies by closing rooms, floors, or halls.
    4. Room assignments may be changed or the Agreement terminated by the Dean of Student Affairs or the Director of Residential Life in the interest of order, health, discipline, energy conservation or best use of facilities.
    5. If a student exhibits disruptive, irresponsible, or inconsiderate behavior and is a detriment to orderly community living, he/she may, upon the recommendation of the Residence Director after a conference/hearing with the student, have his/her room assignment changed or the agreement terminated.


    1. See Residence Hall Visitation Policy as stated in the Morris College Guide To Residential Living.
    2. Visits to the Residential Hall by persons of the opposite sex are limited to designated lounges and lobbies.


    1. Rooms are to be kept clean and orderly at all times. Charges will be made for damaged to or unauthorized use or alterations of rooms equipment, or buildings, and for special cleaning necessitated by improper use and care of rooms or equipment. Students are jointly charged for damages in public areas on the floor.
    2. Authorized College personnel may enter student rooms with or without the student's permission at any time for the protection or preservation of the premises and/or in case of emergency. College personnel may also enter student rooms from time to time in order to inspect the premises, make necessary repairs, decorations, alterations, housekeeping, and for disciplinary purposes. The student's personal property is not subject to search without legal action or permission from the student unless there is sufficient belief on the part of the College that the student is using a room for purposes which would constitute violation of College regulations.
    3. The College is not liable for loss or damage of personal property or failure or interruption of utilities. Students are encouraged to provide their own personal property insurance.


    All students residing in College housing MUST participate in the College's Food Service Plan.

    Students who submit a room reservation fee before the deadline date and then decide prior to the same deadline date that they do not wish to attend Morris College or that they do not wish to occupy campus housing may apply for and receive a full refund of the room reservation fee. Students who submit a room reservation fee either before or after the deadline date and then decide after the same deadline date that they do not wish to attend Morris College or that they do not wish to occupy campus housing shall forfeit their room reservation fee entirely. However, if they again change their mind and decide to occupy campus housing in time to enroll for the same academic period, the forfeited fee shall be applied to the payment of campus housing. A forfeited room reservation fee cannot be applied to the payment of campus housing for any academic period other than the one for which it was originally forfeited. All requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Office of Financial Services.

    This Agreement is binding and enforceable for the Fall and Spring Semesters and also for the summer session if the student desires to attend. A student may make a written request to the Dean of Student Affairs for release from the Agreement for a given term for the following reasons:
      1.  Does not enroll at the College
      2.  Officially withdraws from the College
      3.  Has medical reasons verified by a physicial
      4.  Interns or co-ops (Letter from department required) Graduates
      5.  Is academically suspended
      6.  Is denied admission
      7.  Secures a release authorized by the Director of Residential Life and Approved by the Dean of Student   8.  Affairs for special reasons not covered above.

    1. All residents must report to the Director of Residential Life to terminate this Agreement.
    2. All residents are required to move out of the residence hall within twenty-four hours after the termination of the Agreement.
    3. All residents must return the Identification Card in person to the Office of Student Affairs prior to vacating the Residence Hall. Keys must be returned to the Residence Hall Director.
    4. Full liability will be incurred for failure to comply with this procedure.


    This agreement may be canceled, providing that the Dean of Student Affairs receives a notice of cancellation in writing twenty-one days prior to the opening date of the residence hall.