Welcome Parents!

Whether you are an experienced college parent or a “first-timer” …whether you live across town or across the country…wherever you find yourself and whatever your circumstances…you are a valuable member of the Morris College family. You, after all, have nurtured and raised the bright, enthusiastic, and capable young adults we are proud to call Hornet students!

Morris College offers a wealth of opportunities for your child, both in the classroom and through our extensive student activities program. Morris College wants to be partners with you to help ensure the success of your child, both academically, socially, psychologically, physically, and spiritually.

Sometimes the array of choices and resources can seem overwhelming. The Student Affairs office is here to support you and to help you stay connected to your child as you journey with them through their college experience. Thank you for trusting the Morris College family with the well-being and personal/professional development of your son or daughter!

Parents if you need any housing forms please click on the Student Life Information link on the left sidebar. Once the Student Life screen appears, please click on the Residence Hall link.  Once the Residence Hall page appears, you will see a link called Housing Forms. Click on the Housing Forms link, you will find all the necessary forms needed to register your child for housing.