Dr. Leroy StaggersPresident's Message

Welcome to our Morris College website! Explore all of our excellent academic programs and special offerings; all of our exciting organizations and activities; and all of our fascinating students, faculty, and staff that make our College a great place to study, learn and develop into great and successful people. More importantly, come visit our beautiful campus to see for yourself in person what all of the "Hornet's Buzz" is about. You will be impressed! Come visit with all of our Family Members: students, alumni, board members, parents, professors, staff and donors. You will find that Morris College feels very much like Family.

Reflecting back and building on its glorious past, dating back to its beginning in 1908, Morris College today is an exciting modern campus for students to learn and develop professionally and personally. The College has a variety of majors, minors and special programs that prepare students for successful careers in society. Also, we have an array of sports and student organizations available. Our faculty and staff are the best; they are caring and supportive.

Our campus is a real Organic Community! That is to say, everybody knows everybody, and is supportive of each other. The campus is located just very near the downtown Business District of the charming small town southern city of Sumter, South Carolina. We are most happy to welcome you into our Family, and into our Organic Community of active life-long learners.

Best wishes,

Leroy Staggers