The Pinnacle Honor Society

June 30, 2022

The Pinnacle Honor Society

Welcomes 15 inductees to the National Honor Society


Zuri Allen, Senior, Elementary Education major

Carolyn Alston, Senior, Organizational Education major

Lee Bennett, Junior, Organizational Education major

Jeanette M. Blanding, Senior, Christian Education major

James Eric Blackwell, Senior, Organizational Management major

Shekia Bradford, Senior, Organizational Management major

Troy Graham, Senior, Organizational Management major

Keshia Canty-Lawson, Junior, Organizational Management major

Sylvia McFadden, Senior, Pastoral Ministry major

Wendy Mellerson, Senior, Organizational Management major

Ashley Moses, Senior, Organizational Management major

Zandra Muldrow, Senior, Organizational Management major

Otis Nowlin, III, Senior, Health Science major

Melissa Stinnett, Senior, Organizational Management major

Latoya Timmons, Senior, Organizational Management major

In addition, 5 students were the first group to be inducted into the National Honor Society, 2019-2021 Academic Year. However, due to Covid-19, an Official Ceremony did not take place.

Gwendolyn Credle, Pastoral Ministry major

Larry McFadden, Organizational Management major

Raymond Smith, Organizational Management major

Samuel Summers, a Sociology major

William Webb, Pastoral Ministry major

The program was held on Thursday, April 21, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. in the Neal-Jones Auditorium

Vision-To provide recognition of nontraditional honor students enrolled in 4-year and 2-year degree programs who have had to overcome significant obstacles to achieve academic success. 

Mission-Pinnacle and Spire Honor Societies: To provide adult/non-traditional students across the country with the same opportunity to be recognized for their academic achievements as traditional students, and to be the #1 nationally recognized honorary society for adult/non-traditional students.

History-Pinnacle was founded in April of 1989 when the first mailing was made to a select group of 100 colleges and universities around the country informing them of the creation of a recognition society for adult and other non-traditional students and offering them the opportunity to join. However, Pinnacle was actually created in the minds of a half-dozen higher education faculty members and administrators during a series of meetings throughout the 1980s.

Chartered Member– Morris College, 2005-2006

Membership qualifications– Pinnacle is open to all adults, 25 years and older, and other non-traditional students who have achieved at least junior status, have a cumulative grade point average of a least 3.0 and are involved in at least three campus or community activities.  A one-time national induction fee is required for membership