Supporters “Make It Morris!”

December 22, 2021

Joshua Baptist Church of North Charleston and Savannah Grove Baptist Church of Effingham showed their faith in Morris College as an institution that prepares students for success. Both congregations, strong college supporters, recently contributed to the college’s “Make It Morris” campaign by giving a $10,000 gift toward the 2021 Fall Harvest Rally.

The Reverend Dr. Robert L. Grove, having served Joshua Baptist Church as pastor since 1988, felt obligated to do their part. Recognizing the importance of supporting a college-owned and operated by the Baptist Educational and Missionary Convention of South Carolina, Pastor Grove recruited team leaders Deacon Joseph and Deaconess Betty Fields and the church’s pre-G.E.D. Ministry head, Ms. Trudy Dukes. These elated individuals went to work in helping the church to be able to give so generously. Pastor Grove and his congregation presented their $10,000 gift to the college on November 23, 2021. Challenging other pastors to not look at the $10,000, he said, “If you look at the $1, $2, and the $100s, your congregation can raise the same amount.”

The Reverend Dr. Ralph W. Canty, Sr., has served Savannah Grove Baptist Church as pastor since 1969. Constantly emphasizing the importance of supporting Morris College, Dr. Canty presented a $10,000 gift from his congregation on November 24, 2021. Additionally, he presented his alma mater with a personal check of $5,000.

Morris College is thankful for the generosity of Joshua Baptist Church and Savannah Grove Baptist Church. The college’s Baptist family, alumni, and friends continue to prove their commitment to helping ensure that students can enjoy the full benefits of a college education. Their significant contribution to the college makes a tremendous difference.