Nunnally Selected for Promotion to Lieutenant Colonel

May 19, 2021

Major Joshua N. Nunnally, Executive Officer for Director, Officer Personnel Management Directorate with the U.S. Army Human Resources Command, was recently selected Below the Zone (BZ) / Merit Based (MB) to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (LTC). Major Nunnally will be promoted one year early and moved to the front of the promotion list beginning August, 2021. “This is quite an accomplishment because historically, this only happens to about 5-7% of a Year Group; This year only five of 150 Military Intelligence Officers were selected BZ / MB,” said Major Nunnally.

“Below the Zone” promotion is a program that accelerates promotion for officers who have demonstrated outstanding performance and who clearly show superior potential as compared to others eligible for promotion. Federal law limits the number of BZ promotions to 10 percent of the total number of officers recommended for promotion. An exception can be made by the Secretary of Defense to increase the limit to 15 percent. BZ promotions give the military the ability to move officers with exceptional skills through the ranks quicker, into positions of higher responsibility. With the potential to fast-track, these officers have the incentive to perform at their highest level. BZ promotions also help to retain officers of higher quality by demonstrating to the officer that their superior skill levels are recognized.

Merit Based promotions allows selected officers to be promoted earlier in order to then learn and contribute to their new grade. This ensures that top performers are promoted sooner by being placed higher on promotion lists.

Major Nunnally is a 2003 honors graduate of Morris College where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice.