Morris College welcomes 14 new employees

August 20, 2019

Morris College begins the 2019-2020 academic year with 14 new employees. The four-year liberal arts institutions has employed three new faculty members and more than ten staff members.

The group includes many of alumni. They are:

Andrew C. Little '11: Mr. Little received his degree in elementary education from Morris College in 2011. He continued his academic career at Columbia College where he received his M. Ed. master of higher education. He worked as a fifth-grade teacher in both Sumter School District and Lee County School District before being employed as an Enrollment Coordinator at Troy University. Little now serves as the Interim Director of Enrollment Management and Records at Morris College. 

Andrew C. Little - Interim Director of Enrollment Management and Records 

Tia R. Lawson '18: Ms. Lawson received her degree in organizational management from Morris College in 2018. As a student, Lawson's only goal was to serve as an Admission Counselor for Morris College. She accomplished that goal in June 2019 after she accepted the job as an Admissions Counselor. Ms. Lawson will be working with prospective students and high school guidance counselors in the Lancaster, Chester, York, and Darlington Counties. 

Tia R. Lawson - Admissions Counselor 

Adrienne V. Gibson '07: Ms. Gibson received her mathematics degree in 2007. After receiving her degree she worked in the Columbia area as a middle and high school mathematics teacher and Academic Assistance Coordinator for the South Carolina Science Academy. She has also worked as a Special Services Therapeutic Counselor in Richland District One. She now has returned to Morris College as a Supplemental Math Instructor in the Division of General Studies. 

Adrienne V. Gibson - Supplemental Math Instructor 

In addition to these three alumni, several other employees have joined the Hornet Family. Meet them below. 

Herbert Bradley joins us as a Maintenance Assistant.

Herbert Bradley - Maintenance Assistant 

Ashleigh Brandel, data entry clerk for the Office of Enrollment Management. 

Ashleigh Brandel - Data Entry Clerk 
Office of Enrollment Mangement and Records

Andrea Butler joined the Hornet family in February 2019 and fulfilled a new position, Communications Specialist

Andrea Butler - Communications Specialist 

Dr. Evelyn Cohens named Director of Developmental Programs. 

Evelyn Cohens - Director of Developmental Programs 

Senthia Conyers will work as a Secretary in the Student Support Services Office. 

Senthia Conyers - Secretary
Student Support Services 

Courtney Golding will work under the Office of Government Relations as a Computer Center Assistant

Courtney Golding - Computer Center Assistant 

Arnold Mathis joins us as a Maintenance Assistant

Arnold Mathis - Maintenance Assistant 

Gene Morris joins the Hornet community as an admissions counselor and will be recruiting high school students in the Upstate area. 

Gene Morris - Admissions Counselor 

Dr. Kevin Richardson will serve as the Chairperson, Division of Business Administration. 

Dr. Kevin Richardson - Chairperson, Division of Business Administration