Dr. James Gaius Ibe

January 08, 2024

Dr. James Gaius Ibe [PhD-1989 The University of Texas, International Economics]:

  • Tenured professor of economics, finance, and business administration at Morris College since 1993.
  • Certified Malcolm Baldrige Board Examiner.
  • Over 33 years of post-doctorate research and graduate teaching experience.
  • Over 25 years teaching United States Air Force (USAF) personnel at the Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina
  • Subject Matter Expert-Economic Science/International Economics.
  • Cross-Functional Generalized Expert-Management Science.
  • Over 40,000 hours of cumulative executive management professional practice in financial engineering with extensive AI applications.
  • Extensive professional expertise in economic development, small and mid-sized enterprises, micro enterprise financing and innovative capitalization, and skills acquisition.
  • NGOs, World Bank, USAID technical consultant.
  • Extensive professional expertise in management strategies, management systems and business models, global security, financial, ICS and SCADA cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, and financial risk mitigation utilizing AI applications.
  • United States Department of Energy-National Nuclear Security- Principal Investigator.
  • Associate Certified Fraud Examiner with extensive AI applications to detect, deter and mitigate financial fraud and crimes.
  • Authored and published over 50 articles/manuscripts including several university-level textbooks in economics-macroeconomics and microeconomics.
  • Chaired many doctoral dissertations and have successfully guided doctoral candidates using quantitative and qualitative statistical methodologies through the dissertation process.
  • Serves on several corporate boards, the editorial boards of many academic journals and publishing companies.


  • Member, American Economic Association®️
  • Member, American Marketing Association®️
  • Member, Academy of International Business®️
  • Member, American Management Association®️
  • Member, Direct Marketing Educational Foundation®️
  • Member, Certified Management Accountant®️
  • Senior Fellow, Certified Business Professionals®️
  • Senior Fellow, Global Academy of Financial Engineers®️
  • Senior Fellow, Global Institute of Financial Economists®️
  • Senior Fellow, Global Academy of Operations Management®️
  • Senior Fellow, Global Academy of Human Capital Management®️