Coach Tyrone Henderson

October 13, 2023

Coach Tyrone HendersonMorris College warmly welcomed Coach Tyrone Henderson to its ranks in March 2023, entrusting him with the pivotal roles of Director of Innovation and Technology and the inaugural Director of Esports for the Hornets. Coach Henderson's journey is one characterized by dedication, expertise, and a relentless passion for nurturing both technological innovation and athletic prowess.

An alumnus of Benedict College, Coach Henderson's academic foundation was fortified by a Master's degree in Sports Administration from the University of Miami. His sporting odyssey commenced as a graduate assistant for the BC Tigers, seamlessly transitioning from his collegiate football career.

Coach Henderson has left an indelible mark across various tiers of competition – from the grassroots of youth leagues to the heights of high school and college sports. A versatile visionary, he has lent his expertise to football, basketball, and the rapidly emerging realm of Esports.

Coach Henderson's expertise extends beyond the athletic arena. His distinguished tenure in executive positions at renowned institutions such as Luxottica Labs and the South Carolina Attorney General's Office highlights his ability to think strategically as an orchestrator of excellence on multiple fronts.

His most recent chapter, as the architect behind the launch of Morris College's Esports department, underscores his unwavering commitment to pioneering new horizons. "I’m very excited to be a key part of building and launching our Esports program and its inaugural team," Coach Henderson shares with enthusiasm. Undoubtedly, his strategic vision has been bolstered by the unwavering support of Morris College's leadership, instrumental in establishing a state-of-the-art facility that will give student-athletes an unparalleled advantage in the dynamic world of Esports".

The arrival of Coach Henderson has infused the campus with an electrifying energy. As he rightfully notes, “There is a unique excitement when athletes are on the cusp of something entirely new. With every match, every practice, and every achievement, these athletes are etching their names into the accounts of Morris College's history. They are, from the very inception, crafting the culture that will define the program and etching the legacy that will resonate through the years.”