2019 Faculty and Staff Luncheon and Service Awards

May 10, 2019

Congratulations on your years of service! 

Service Awards

Five Year

Mr. Bryant Bailey

Dr. Carol Black

Ms. Yvonne Brown

Dr. John H. Day

Ms. Karen Hébert

Mr. Stanley Scriven

Ten Year

Mr. Linell Anderson

Dr. Walter Butler

Mr. Lewis Dargan

Ms. Carolyn George

Mr. Shawn Hair

Ms. Clarissa McClellan

Ms. Ivana Popovic

Ms. Denise Stewart

Fifteen Year

Ms. Gail China

Dr. Cherry Harmond-Early

Dr. Daniel Lackey

Twenty Year

Dr. Juana Davis-Freeman

Ms. Cheryl Mack

Ms. Donise White

Twenty-five Year

Dr. Paul Ezeji

Thirty Year

Ms. Eva Hickman

Rev. Oliver T. Hill

Dr. John Rooks

Thirty-five Year

Ms. Gloria Dozier

Ms. Johnell Rogers

Forty Year

Ms. Sandra Gibson

Mr. Clarence Houck


Ms. Deborah C. Calhoun                   18 years

Dr. Kay Rhoads                       21 years

Ms. Carolyn Richardson                    22 years

Ms. Gloria Scriven                             46 years