Quality Enhancement Plan


"Promoting Advanced Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Development for Juniors"

An important part of the Mission Statement of Morris College emphasizes that the College serves the needs of its students by providing an intensive program for mastering basic social, thinking, listening, speaking, reading, writing and leadership skills.  The most fundamental of these skills is that related to advanced reading comprehension, and the lack of that skill can make the rest of these skills difficult to master.  One important key to advanced reading comprehension is adequate vocabulary development. 

With the mastery of all of the above skills, students will first achieve greater success in the more advanced courses in which they must succeed in their junior and senior years.  Success there will lead ultimately to graduation and to new challenges to achieve success in various managerial and administrative careers or to go on to graduate schools that will lead them to successful professional and technical careers.

The Morris College QEP is focused on its junior class students because they have proven themselves through two years of academic effort to be successful as freshman and sophomore students.  However, success in the more advanced classes taken by juniors as well as success in careers following graduation require a higher order of learning on the part of the student, and for that reason, this project is directed specifically at the Junior Class.

The project has been designed to achieve two Student Learning Outcomes as follows:
 1)  QEP participants will demonstrate a word-conscious knowledge of vocabulary.
 2)  QEP participants will comprehend complex written material. 

The above Student Learning Outcomes are to be achieved through initial diagnostic testing to determine the specific kinds of reading and vocabulary competencies that each participant possesses, and then organizing the students into groups with the same abilities so that they can participate in various kinds of group instruction, individual tutoring and computer-based exercises with QEP staff.  They will also complete additional work with one or more of their regular classroom instructors in a designated QEP course that has been established for each academic major.

The two principal measurable objectives of the QEP Project are:
  • 95% of the QEP participants will show measurable improvement in vocabulary and reading comprehension.
  • 80% of the QEP participants will achieve an average rating of Proficient or higher when their combined scores on the vocabulary component and the reading component are averaged together.