Excellence in Student Loan Default Prevention

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Morris College Recognized for Excellence in Student Loan Default Prevention


Morris College recognized for excellence in student loan default prevention

SUMTER, SC - Morris College has been awarded a certificate of excellence from USA Funds for achieving a reduction on its federal student loan default rate. Rates recently reported by the U. S. Department of Education and Morris College’s most recent rate improved to 23.9% from 32.1% for the previous period. Morris College integrates USA Funds Borrower Con-nectTM solutions to provide outreach and counseling to student loan borrowers to help more for-mer students successfully repay their loans.

"We are pleased that our focus on student success has resulted in such positive out-comes for our borrowers. This lower default rate reflects on Morris College’s reputation for high quality, preserves our ability to support students with federal student aid, and it translates into tangible savings to our former students as well as to U. S. taxpayers who ultimately pay the costs of student loan defaults," said Luns C. Richardson, college president.

"We are pleased to partner with Morris College and contribute to its default prevention success," said Craig P. Anderson, USA Funds senior vice president, business development. "With our comprehensive suite of solutions, we can support and significantly enhance schools’ default prevention efforts."

USA Funds is a national nonprofit organization that provides student loan repayment success services to colleges and universities in keeping with its mission to enhance postsecond-ary education preparedness, access and success. For information, visit www.usafunds.org.