McClure Receives SCICU Teaching Award

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   Elaine McClure, associate professor of education and Elementary Education program coordinator, has been awarded the 2015 Excellence in Teaching Award by the South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (SCICU) organization.
   For the past eleven years Dr. McClure has ensured students learn from her real-world experiences and hands on instructional strategies.  She cares deeply for the students that she advises and teaches, and they soon realize that she is their biggest supporter.  Dr. McClure has also planned and implemented new courses and supervised practicum students in the local schools.  She also serves as the director of Summer School, and received the Advisor of The Year Award at Morris in 2006-2007.
   Dr. Leroy Staggers, Morris College Academic Dean states, "The quality of Dr. McClure's teaching is ultimately reflected in the great success of her students who graduate with a degree in elementary education.  Invariably her students are offered jobs before they complete student teaching, and very frequently win awards for excellence in teaching in the public schools."
   McClure received her Ph.D in Elementary Education from the University of South Carolina, her Master of Arts degree in Special Education from the University of Alabama, and her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of South Carolina.
   She began her career teaching in Lexington, SC and Spartanburg, SC.  She continued teaching special education and fifth grade for the Department of Defense at Ft. Jackson, SC from which she reitired in May 2004 after 31 years.  These experiences have allowed her to teach her methods courses from a very practical point of view.  Her goal is to prepare her students to enter the classroom confident in their success as effective teachers.
   Annually, SCICU recognizes a faculty member from each of the 20-member institutions with this honor during an awards dinner.  Each recipient is given a $3,000 professional development grant.