Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I check out books?
Books may be checked out at the Circulation Desk, located on the first floor at the front of the Learning Resources Center.

Are there study rooms available?
A group study room is available on the second floor of the Learning Resources Center and you must sign up for its use at the desk on the second floor.

Where are the photocopy machines located?
A photocopy machine is available for all users on the first floor by the Circulation Desk. Another one is available for limited use in the Media Services Center on the third floor.

How many books may I check out at a time?
A total of 20 books may be checked out at the same time.

How long can books be checked out?
Books circulate for 2 weeks and may be renewed if they have not been requested by other patrons. Faculty may opt to check out books for a semester. All materials are subject to recall immediately if needed for reserve.

Why is the ID information not being accepted for book requests in the PASCAL Delivers catalog?
Your name may not be in the Morris College library system (especially if you have never checked out a library book), or, the information may not have been updated. Talk a library worker.

Can I renew my books via the telephone?
Book renewals are currently done in person.

Oops, I lost a book. What should I do and how much will it cost?
Come to the Circulation Desk on the first floor for information.

Oops, my book is overdue. What should I do and how much will it cost?
Bring it back immediately to stop the fines from getting bigger! Contact the Circulation Desk for information on what you'll owe.  

Why can't I eat or drink in the Learning Resources Center?
The official policy of no food or drink allowed in the Learning Resources Center may seem harsh; however, spilled drinks and crumbs easily damage books and other resources. Also, the leftover beverage and food containers, even in trashcans, attract pests.

Can I use my cellphone in the building?
Of course, but always remember that the Learning Resources Center is a place for study and research and casual phone conversations disrupt the atmosphere.  Phones must be on vibrate mode while in the Learning Resources Center and conversations must be kept to the bare minimum if you choose not to exit the building.