Division of Religion and Humanities

Develops the Art of Communication and Expression

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Students in the Division of Religion and Humanities have an opportunity to prepare for a number of challenging careers. They receive the benefit of a valuable liberal arts education as well as preparation for graduate and professional schools and excellent career choices.

Pastoral Ministry and Christian Education

Pastoral Ministry majors prepare to be competent ministers, chaplains, and church leaders, and Christian Education majors prepare to be Christian Education Specialists. Students are required to complete a one-semester internship prior to graduation.

The Division of Religion and Humanities offers a variety of opport unities for students to be successful in several careers and for preparation for graduate and professional schools.

Mass Communications

Students studying Mass Communications take a variety of courses in journalism, photography, broadcast media, advertising, and public relations. Additionally, Mass Communications majors are required to complete an internship for graduation and have a number of hands-on opportunities to operate the radio, television, and photography laboratories. Many of our graduates find immediate employment in television, radio, newspaper, and other media markets throughout the nation.


English majors prepare for careers in advertising, public relations, publishing, law, and corporate communications. These students develop strong skills in language, literature, and composition.

English/Secondary Education

English majors with an emphasis in Secondary Education prepare to teach English to students above the 7th grade level. Our graduates are fully certified to teach English throughout the state of South Carolina. An internship as a student teacher in local schools is required for one semester prior to graduation. Some of our recent graduates have been named teacher of the year in their respective schools.

Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies majors combine core courses in the humanities with coursework in the natural or social sciences. This diverse educational background prepares students for challenging careers in many fields including civic and governmental organizations as well as the private sector.