Science in Action Week 2023


Tuesday, February 07, 2023


8:00 AM - 8:00 AM

The Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Launches Science in Action Week 2023

Emerging from the cocoon of two years of COVID 19- imposed inertia against normal in-person activities, the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is ready to launch its traditional annual week-long Science in Action activities with outburst of energy, vim and vigor.

The activities will burst forth on Tuesday afternoon, February 7th, 2023 with Esports-Cybersecurity Fair that brings to the campus two Cybersecurity experts and an Esports winning Coach. On that afternoon, Mr. William Littleton of SPA WAR North Charleston, will team up with Dr. Orenthio Goodwin of Morris College to present innovations and lucrative Careers in Cybersecurity, while Coach Kris Weissmann of the USC-Sumter and Drake Deal of Pinnacle Network Solution’s will assist Morris College’s nascent Esports teams as they compete against each other.

The morning of Wednesday, February 8th will connect Stellar Graduates with their Alma Mater in classroom visitations that rekindle memories and impart experiences, knowledge and methodologies of success. Among the Stellar Graduates are: A skillful and masterful nurse (Miyosha Brimfield), an experienced dentist (Kareem Sprattling), an oncology nimble researcher (Aposia Singleton), an environmental health manager analyst (Katlyn Benjamin), and an astute administrator (Nakia Miller).

Wednesday afternoon’s Career Fair will feature professionals of various expertise: Health Professionals (Prisma Health-Tuomey; McLeod Health), Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Becton-Dickinson, Nova Molecular Technologies, Thompson Industrial Services, and Biotechnology Graduate Program (Claflin University).

These activities are designed to help our students chart their future careers as they emulate the successful maps drawn by professionals.

On Thursday morning, Dr. Ahmed Sean Alford will grace Morris College’s Neal-Jones Auditorium stage during the Assembly Program with a message that proclaims that Savannah River Nuclear Solutions attempts to make our world safer. Taren Dubose, the President of the STEM Club, will preside over the Assembly Program.

Friday, February 10th will feature student classroom presentations of eminent African American Scientists and Mathematicians.

The activities of the Division are a cooperative effort between the faculty members and a Team of assistants (Ms. Angela Ruth, Mrs. Arswanette Myers, Ms. Lloyd and Mrs. Brittany Garrett). Dr. Radman Ali, the Chairman of the Division, is grateful for all participants in the week’s activities.

Science in Action Week
February 7-10, 2023
Program of Activities

Tuesday, February 7, 2023: Esports-Cyber Security Fair, 2-6:00 PM

  • Drone Flying Exercise –  Dr. Orenthio Goodwin, WBSB Lawn

Cybersecurity Presenters: -Dr. Orenthio Goodwin, Cybersecurity Professor, Morris College

                                       -Mr. William Littleton, SPAWAR, North Charleston

  • Esports: Game Competition, Morris College Student Teams
  • Mr. Kris Weissmann, Fire Ants Coach; Mr. Drake Deal, Pinnacle Network Solutions

Wednesday, February 8, 2023: Classroom Visitations: Stellar Graduates

               Time:  10:00 AM - 12 Noon, WBSB Classrooms

  • Ms. Miyosha N. Brimfield, Registered Nurse, MS. in Nursing, Morris College Alumna, 2000
  • Dr. Kareem Sprattling - Dentist, Private Practice, Latta Smiles, Morris College Alumnus, 2001
  • Dr. Jachelle Sprattling - Dentist, Private Practice, Latta Smiles, USC Alumna, 2001
  • Ms. Aposia Singleton, Senior Clinical Research Associate, ICON PLC, Morris College Alumna, 2014
  • Ms. Katlyn Benjamin, Environmental Health Manager, SCDHEC, Morris College Alumna, 2018
  • Ms. Nakia L. Miller, Clinical Research Coordinator, Dorn Research Institute, MC Alumna 2006

               Time:  2:00 PM – 4:00 PM: STEM Career Fair Opportunities

  • Prisma Health Tuomey-Nursing-Sumter
  • McLeod Health-Medical Technology-Florence, Sumter, Manning
  • Savannah River Nuclear Solutions-Producer and protector of nuclear materials, Aiken
  • Nova Molecular Technologies-Chemical producing Company, Sumter, SC
  • Claflin University-Biotechnology Program, Orangeburg, SC
  • Thompson Industrial Services, Sumter, SC
  • EMS-CHEMIE, North America, Sumter, SC

Thursday, February 9, 2023: Assembly Program

  • Neal~Jones Auditorium, 10:00 AM
  • Keynote Speaker: Dr. Ahmed Sean Alford, Executive VP and Chief Administrative Officer, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS), Aiken, SC
  • Topic:  “SRNS: Making the World Safer”
  • Stellar Graduate: Ms. Miyosha N. Brimfield, Registered Nurse, MS in Nursing, Morris College Alumna, 2000
  • Stellar Graduate: Dr. JiMiesh G. Crane, Orthodontic Surgeon, Decatur, GA, Morris Alumna 2005

Friday, February 10, 2023: Contributions to Science, Mathematics and Technology by African American Scientists and Mathematicians (Classrooms, WBSB)

  • Student PowerPoint Presentations on African American Scientists and Mathematicians
  • Discussions

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