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Plan to be a part of our National Alumni Membership Drive. Help us meet our projected goal of an additional 350 new members. The membership dues are $25 annually. As a member of MCNAA, you will have an instant connection to the College and fellow alumni. Membership also provides additional privileges which include 10% Bookstore discount during Fall Harvest, Homecoming, Morris College Alumni Weekend and attendance to annual business and election voting privileges with membership card.

Thank you in advance for your MCNAA membership dues and all that you do for our beloved Morris College.

Mary Jo Walker, MCNAA 1st Vice-President/Membership Chairperson

Eric Lanier, MCNAA 2nd Vice-President

Ruth M. Pendergrass, MCNAA President

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Thank you for inquiring about the life membership option. Life membership is a permanent membership designed to provide continuous benefits and special options to life members.

As a life member, you will receive a Life Membership Certificate to display your lifetime commitment to Morris College National Alumni Association (MCNAA), a gold membership card, an eye-catching navy blue blazer embroidered with the College seal and life membership prominently displayed, a 15% discount for at alumni events and College bookstore items. These items celebrate your completed life membership payment.

The Life Membership effort thus far has been a tremendous success. Many have joined the ranks of life membership to show their commitment and dedication to our beloved Alma Mater – Morris College. They are some of the most ardent and staunch supporters who have found this membership as a way to get involved while helping Morris College meet the challenges of the future.

Some may ask the question “Why should I become a Life Member?” Here are a few reasons:

  1. YOU are taking action to support one of the core values of Morris College...”Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve”. “Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.” MLK Jr.
  2. YOU will strengthen your personal and professional identity by working alongside alumni and friends who share these very same values.
  3. YOU will make a difference in someone’s life by providing mentoring, support, and scholarships to deserving students.
  4. YOU will be expressing gratitude for the help you may have received in the past from your experiences at Morris College.
  5. YOU will have an opportunity to share and engage in the many events and social activities sponsored by the MCNAA and the College.
  6. YOU will meet new people and network with others while enhancing relationships and business opportunities

Show your support and allegiance… become a LIFE MEMBER TODAY!

The cost of standard life membership is $1,200 for individuals under 65 years of age and $650 for those over the age of 65.

Payment Plans:

Members may select from two payment options for life membership.

  1. You may pay for your membership in full through a lump-sum payment.
  2. You may use a payment plan of your choosing as long as the full payment is completed within one year.

Thank you for your continued support of Morris College and the Morris College National Alumni Association.

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