New academic programs approved for Morris College

The future looks bright. The students at Morris College are being offered more academic opportunities.

On June 23, 2023, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) officially announced the approval of four new academic programs to add to Morris College’s major offerings. The programs include Esports Cybersecurity, Esports Management, Esports Video Game Design and Supply Chain Management.

“Morris College adding these innovative programs will help to provide future learners with not only an opportunity for in-demand employment but seemingly secure them seats at the tables of development and ownership of market demand,” said President Dr. Leroy Staggers. “This outcome is in direct line with our focus that Excellence is Achievable, as we invest in our students.

”Morris College is continuously working to deliver and develop instruction and learning opportunities in art, science and education to students of various backgrounds. The College now offers 25 programs of study, including the four new additions, that will lead students to attaining a baccalaureate degree. The four new academic programs will give students the tools they need to pursue careers in the esports industry and supply chain management. Students will also have plenty of opportunities to develop skills in esports security management, game design and production, event management, facility management and marketing.

Esports Cybersecurity

Students who choose this program would be exposed to everything concerning gaming and protection components. This major will be one of the first of its kind in higher education and will prepare students academically, competitively and professionally so graduates of the program are ready to be innovators and leaders in the Esports field.

Esports Management

Students who choose this program will be preparing for careers in esports security management, game design and production, esports performance, esports health, injuries and rehabilitation. This major offers experiential learning and hands-on experience to further prepare students to take on higher roles in the field. There are also related financial career options students may decide to pursue including event manager, marketer, event streamer and esports trainer.

Esports Video Game Design

A degree from this program would mean the student has mastered the ability and gained the necessary skills to be successful in the variety of esports organizations and businesses that complement the industry. A degree in Esports Video Game Design fulfills the necessary requirements to work in different roles within esports including law, event management, facility management and marketing. Students will learn the required skills for video game design including game development, level design, 3D modeling/design, prototyping, Python, animation and gaming industry knowledge. They will also reap the benefits of their hard work by receiving competitive salaries when they get into the workplace.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management uses various strategies to centrally control internal and vendor inventories, internal production, distribution and sales to cut unnecessary expenses. Accurate information helps manufacturers and retailers produce and transport what they can sell. This eliminates the unnecessary expenses associated with producing, insuring and shipping inventory a company cannot sell.

This program focuses on the need to increase the available pool of highly capable supply chain management professionals. Supply chain management has become a complex field over recent years, due not only to the intricacies of sourcing and delivering quality products and services internationally, but also the need to make supply chains safe and reliable. Managers must hold their numerous employees and suppliers to the highest ethical and legal standards. At the same time, the immense volumes of goods transported globally must arrive in a timely and cost-effective manner without disruption.

The program will prepare students to take on the role and the requirements that come with being a successful asset in supply chain management.

Under the current leadership of Dr. Leroy Staggers, Morris College is devoted to the vision of transforming the institution in a manner where it is a leading liberal arts and career-driven institution not only in Sumter, but also the state of South Carolina and the entire southern region of the country. At Morris, students are guided with the mantra, “Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve”.