Upward Bound

Academic Component/Summer Component

Upward Bound is a pre-college preparatory program designed to assist qualified students to successfully graduate from secondary and enter postsecondary educational programs. The program is continuous with the Academic Component and the Summer Component. During the academic year, classes and tutorial sessions are held bi-monthly on Saturdays. Students live on the Morris College campus for six weeks during the Summer Component. They receive instruction and counseling in basic academic and elective subjects. Field trips, as well as culturally enriching activities, are included in both the Academic and Summer Component.

Services Offered

  • Career Awareness
  • Intensive individual and small group counseling and tutoring
  • Educational materials and supplies
  • Cultural enrichment activities
  • Individualized instruction in Math, Science, English, Reading, Computer Literacy, and Foreign Language
  • Small stipends
  • Six weeks of residence and meals on the campus during the Summer Component
  • Lunch during the Saturday sessions
  • Visits to postsecondary institutions
  • Major cultural and educational enrichment field trips

Bridge Component

After graduating from high school and before heading off to college, Morris College Upward Bound students have the opportunity to take part in the Summer Bridge Program. The Bridge Program is designed to "bridge the gap" between high school and college. This program is exclusive to graduating Upward Bound seniors who have successfully completed the Upward Bound program. The program is conducted on the Morris College campus, which will give students a greater feel for college life. Bridge students will have the opportunity to take up to seven credit hours of coursework during the summer. The credits earned in the program will transfer to the college or institution of their choice (depending on selected college's transfer regulations).

Here's what you should know about this great opportunity:

  1. You will be assisted in the selection of at least two courses that all of you and your fellow Upward Bound classmates could potentially take together!  

  2. You will attend classes for four weeks during the summer and reside in the resident hall and utilize all college services.

  3. Finally, we are Paying for Everything! How can you say "no" to, free tuition, free books, and six free college credits? At Morris College, that levels out to around $3,500 worth of tuition!  This is a wonderful opportunity for all graduating Upward Bound seniors! Please consider the edge this program will give you as you bridge smoothly into college in the fall! 

If you have any questions regarding the Summer Bridge Program, please contact the Upward Bound office at 803-934-3193 for more information.