USC Pre-Engineering Program Major


Morris College and the University of South Carolina College of Engineering have entered into an articulation agreement that enables Morris College students to transfer to the University of South Carolina after completing a number of pre-engineering courses at Morris College and to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering at USC after completing the upper division engineering courses there.

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Radman M. Ali


Course Study Curriculum

Program and Course Credit Requirements


  1. Students begin their studies at Morris College to complete the above pre-engineering requirements and then transfer to the University of
  2. South Carolina to complete their engineering degree requirements.
  3. Dependent on their high school record in mathematics and the college placement score in mathematics, students may have to complete more hours in mathematics (e.g., DMA 101-102, MAT 103, 104 and 105) before enrolling in Calculus I.
  4. PHY 201 and 202 are pre-requisites for PHY 203 and 204.
  5. All Pre-engineering students must complete CHM 101 and CHM 102.
  6. Chemical Engineering students must complete CHM 101-102 and CHM 201-202.
  7. The courses listed above are transferable to USC if completed with grades of C or higher and a GPA of at least 2.75.
  8. Students seeking admission into the Engineering Program at USC must have completed at least 30 credit hours (and up to 51 credit hours) of pre-engineering courses (listed above) at Morris College with at least a 2.75 GPA.
  9. Engineering programs covered in this agreement are:
    • Biochemical Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
  10. Any pre-engineering courses that are not completed at Morris College at the time of transfer must be completed in the engineering in which the students enroll (Clemson University, the University of South Carolina, or North Caroline A & T University)
Course credit requirements to pursue an engineering degree at USC
Courses Credits
Mathematics 15
      MAT 201: Calculus I* 3
      MAT 210: Calculus II 3
      MAT 310: Calculus III 3
      MAT 320: Calculus IV 3
      MAT 403: Differential Equations 3
Physics 8
      PHY 203: Calculus-based Physics I** 4
      PHY 204: Calculus-based Physics II 4
Chemistry*** 8-16
For All Areas of Engineering
      CHM 101: General Chemistry I 4
      CHM 102: General Chemistry II 4
For Chemical Engineering Only
      CHM 201: Organic Chemistry I 4
      CHM 202: Organic Chemistry II 4
Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 11-12
English 6
      ENG 103: Fundamentals of Composition 3
      ENG 202: Introduction to Literature**** 3
Fine Arts: ONE of the following courses***** 2-3
      ART 101: Art Appreciation 2
      MUS 101: Music Appreciation 2
      MUS 221: African American Music 3
      SPH 210: Introduction to Theater 3
      SPH 320: Modern Drama 3
History: any history course 3
TOTAL (without pre-requisites) 42-51

*MAT 105 (Elementary Functions) is pre-requisite for Calculus I; MAT 104 (Trigonometry) is pre-requisite for MAT 105

**PHY 201-202 (General Physics I and II) are pre-requisites for PHY 203

***CHM 201-202 may be used as electives for Biomedical Engineering

****ENG 104: Research and Composition is pre-requisite for ENG 202

*****There are other courses in this category required by various engineering programs at USC that vary by department.