USC Nursing Program Major


Morris College and the University of South Carolina College of Nursing have entered into an articulation agreement that enables Morris College students to transfer to the University of South Carolina after completing a number of pre-nursing courses at Morris College and to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing at USC after completing the upper division nursing courses there.

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Radman M. Ali


Course Study Curriculum

Program and Course Credit Requirements

In order to be eligible for admission to the Nursing Program at USC, Morris College students:

  1. Must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or higher.
  2. Must earn a grade of no less than “C” on any Morris College prenursing courses to be transferred to USC.
  3. Can not repeat more than one science or nursing course more than one time in order to earn a grade of “C.”

The following stipulations also apply:

  1. The cumulative grade point average will be computed based on all attempts in all courses. A “Withdraw Failing” grade (WF) and an “Incomplete” grade (I) will each be considered the same as a grade of “F” for the purpose of calculating a student’s grade point average.
  2. Morris College students desiring to transfer to USC’s College of Nursing must apply for admission according to the following schedule:
    • Students desiring admission to the University for the spring term must apply no later than December 1.
    • Students desiring admission to the University for the fall term must apply no later than August 1.
    • Students desiring admission to the University for the summer terms must apply no later than two weeks prior to registration for the term.
  3. Foreign language: Students transferring to the USC-Nursing Program who have not successfully completed two foreign language courses must take the University’s Foreign Language Placement Test and complete foreign language courses required by the test results.

The required pre-nursing courses to be completed at Morris are the following:

English: ENG 103, 104 - 6 credits

History: One of the following courses: HIS 104 or 106; or HIS 304 or 305 or any other higher-level history course - 3 credits

Fine arts: One of the following courses: ART 101 or higher, MUS 101 or higher, or SPH 210, 310, or 320 - 2-3 credits

Mathematics: MAT 201 and MAT 206 - 6 credits

Education and Social Sciences - 6 credits

To be selected with advisement at USC sciences - 28 credits

CHM 201-202 Organic Chemistry I and II - 8 Hrs.*

BIO 200 or BIO 207, BIO 205, BIO 403 or BIO 208 - 12 Hrs.

Electives: - 9 credits

Total: 66-67 credits

*Note: CHM 101 is a pre-requisite for CHM 201.