Clemson Pre-Engineering Program Major Major


Morris College and the Clemson University College of Engineering have entered into an articulation agreement that enables Morris College students to transfer to Clemson University after completing a number of pre-engineering courses at Morris College and to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering at Clemson after completing the upper division engineering courses there.

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Radman M. Ali


Course Study Curriculum

Program and Course Credit Requirements


  1. Depending on his/her placement score in mathematics, the student may have to complete more hours in mathematics (e.g. DMA 101, 102, MAT 103, 104 and 105) than those shown above.
  2. The hours listed above are transferable to Clemson University if completed with grades of “C” or higher.
  3. A student with grades no lower than “C” in all courses required for this program and a GPA of at least 2.5/4.0 is assured of admission into the Clemson engineering program of his/her choice.
  4. The total number of hours required by Clemson University ranges from 139 to 145 depending on the field of engineering the student will follow. Areas of engineering covered in this program are: Agricultural Engineering (AgE, 139 hrs.), Chemical Engineering (ChE 144 hrs.) Electrical Engineering (EcE, 139 hrs.), Medical Engineering (ME, 143 hrs.), Engineering Analysis (EA 139 hrs.) and Ceramic Engineering (CrE, 139 hrs.) [Clemson Prefixes]
  5. On average, Clemson Engineering students take 4.5 years to complete the requirements for graduation.
  6. Pre-engineering students are encouraged (but not required) to attend summer school at Clemson following the completion of their work at Morris and take certain basic engineering courses in order to ease the transition into engineering coursework and facilitate timely completion of the program.
  7. Students should apply to the Clemson University Office of Admission for admission after completing three semesters of the above courses.
Course credit requirements to pursue an engineering degree at Clemson
Courses Credits
Chemistry 16
      CHM 101-102 General Chemistry I and II 8
      CHM 201-202 Organic Chemistry I and II 8
Mathematics 15
      MAT 201 Calculus I 3
      MAT 210 Calculus II 3
      MAT 310 Calculus III 3
      MAT 320 Calculus IV 3
      MAT 403 Differential Equations 3
Physics 12
      PHY 101 Introduction to Engineering 1
      PHY 203-204 Calculus-based Physics I and II 8
      PHY 301 Mathematical Physics 3
English Composition and Literature 12
      ENG 103 Fundamentals of Composition 3
      ENG 104 Research and Composition 3
      ENG 202 Introduction to Literature 3
      ENG 305 American Literature I 3
Humanities/Social Sciences Electives 6
      ECO 301 Principles of Economics I 3
      ENG 205 African American Literature 3
Computer Information Science 5
      CIS 101 Introduction to Computers 2
      CIS 310 Introduction to Computer Programming 3