Academic Clubs

Student activities at Morris College are designed to provide opportunities for students to enhance their academic development as they strengthen their leadership skills. Each student is encouraged to join the organization that provides for him/her an avenue for personal fulfillment and skills development. There are three means by which students can join student organizations: by application, by invitation, or by election.

All students are invited and encouraged to present their ideas relative to the student activities program and are urged to get involved in the total program. For more information, contact the Coordinator of Student Activities, or download our Student Handbook.

Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society
Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society (Mu Lambda Chapter) promotes high levels of scholarship and achievement in all fields of knowledge and service. It is open to junior and senior students with a cumulative grade point average of not less than 3.3.

Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society (Freshman Honor Society) Encourages superior scholastic achievement among students in their first year in institutions of higher education, promotes intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and assists men and women in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society.

Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity
Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity (Alpha Beta Theta Chapter) embodies the principles of the Boy Scouts of America's Scout oath and law: To develop leadership, to promote friendship, to provide service to humanity, and to further the freedom that is our national educational and intellectual heritage. Alpha Phi Omega is open to male and female juniors and seniors who qualify.

Art Club
The Art Club provides opportunities for students to enhance their creative skills; promotes awareness of visual arts and provides hands-on experiences in producing art. Students are assisted in developing marketable skills that will enable them to enter the visual arts world successfully.

Astronomy Club
The Astronomy Club is focused on the idea of "Astronomy for Everyman," that is, an organization related to both the scientific usefulness and the enjoyment of astronomical observations. Included also is an emphasis on the dramatic wonderment of the heavens. Membership is open to the entire College Family.

Baptist Student Union
Encouraging church attendance and membership, the BSU serves as a link between the student and the local church and seeks to provide Christian fellowship and wholesome fun for all students.

Co-Op Club
The Co-Op Club assists students in developing marketable skills that will enable them to enter the world of work successfully.

Durham Ministerial Union
Durham Ministerial Union is an organization open to all ministers. It is designed to develop church policy and ecumenical outlook and promote awareness of major social and religious issues of our times.

Fencing Club
Fencing Club is an organization open to all students to foster training in the art of Fencing, and to promote both intercollegiate and intramural competition.

Health Science Club
Health Science Club provides meaningful public health experiences for health science students; facilitates school-community interaction regarding health matters; promotes healthy lifestyles among the students and faculty; showcases the benefits of a student-faculty health promotion program and provides enrichment to the comprehensive health science degree program.

Investment Club
Investment Club is open to all students who are interested in learning the principles and mechanics of all aspects of financial management and investing.

Karate Club
Karate Club is an organization open to all students that is designed to develop self-discipline and self-control, enhance physical and mental wellness of students and build self-confidence through teaching techniques of U.S.A. Black Dragon All-American Style.

Library Club
The Library Club enhances student library relationships and aids students in understanding regulations relative to student use of The Learning Resources Center. Club members make recommendations for improving LRC services. Membership is open to interested students.

Literary Society
The Literary Society is designed to promote growth through readings, lectures, and literary programs. Membership in the organization is open to all students. Students with major or minor programs in English are strongly encouraged to become members.

Media Production Club
Media Production Club serves as an assisting unit for videotaping Morris College events, applies the classroom knowledge of video production to hands-on experiences in making video projects, and stimulates and fosters professional development in the communication field in general and in radio and television production in particular.

Morris College Chorale
Morris College Chorale is composed of a select group of twenty to thirty-five voices.

Morris College Gospel Choir
Morris College Gospel Choir is open to students who enjoy gospel singing.

Morris College Players
Morris College Players is open to all students interested in any phase of dramatic endeavors.

Morris College Ushers
Morris College Ushers is an organization that provides ushers for college assemblies and Religious Emphasis Week worship services.

National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice
South Carolina Chapter of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ) is a network of criminal justice professionals and criminal justice majors enrolled at accredited colleges and universities who address the needs, concerns, and contributions of African-Americans and other minorities as they relate to the administration of equal justice in the United States.

National Student Business League
The National Student Business League serves as the collegiate division of the National Business League. One of its major objectives is to promote professionalism among Black business students.

NEONS (New Emphasis on Non-Traditional Students) is an organization dedicated to serving the needs of non-traditional students and enabling them to become more involved in student life.

Phi Beta Lambda
Phi Beta Lambda, a business club, complements classroom work in business administration, develops student leadership, develops and strengthens a close student-teacher rapport, and instills proper attitudes and social responsibility.

Poetry Club
Poetry Club is an organization dedicated to the promotion of poetic and cultural enrichment for its members. The understanding of poetry enhances student relations and emphasizes creativity through written and verbal expression.

Pre-Law Club
Pre-Law Club consists of students who are interested in law school and preparation for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

RARE (Reinforcers, Achievers, and Representatives of Excellence) implements the objectives of the Morris College Honors Program through accepting leadership roles to further promote the positive image of the College: promoting academic excellence, self-discipline, self-esteem, initiative and creativity; publishing and presenting scholarly papers; participating in national and regional conferences and symposia; and supporting and encouraging an environment conducive to effective teaching, study and learning at Morris College.

Recreation Club
The Recreation Club promotes an awareness of recreation at Morris College by active participation of the Recreation Majors in club projects.

S-SCEA (The Student-South Carolina Education Association)
The S-SCEA (The Student-South Carolina Education Association) is a professional organization for college students preparing to teach. It is an integral part of both the National Education Association and the South Carolina Education Association. It provides its members an opportunity for personal growth and the development of professional competence. Students enrolled in the Teacher Education Program are required to hold membership in a student educational professional association.

Science Clubs
Science Clubs, one in Biology and one in Mathematics, are open to all interested students. Tutorial sessions are a vital part of the programs of the science clubs.

Sigma Tau Delta
Sigma Tau Delta (Alpha Gamma Pi Chapter) is open to English majors
with a "B" average in English. Members must have completed at least three (3) semesters of college work.

Social Studies Club
Social Studies Club is devoted to the study and discussion of current affairs and topics related to the social sciences. Membership is open to all students and is strongly encouraged for students majoring in any social science area.

Sociology Club
Sociology Club is designed to familiarize and further prepare Sociology students with all aspects of the career field and to give them an opportunity to network with professionals in the community.

The Block 'M' Club
The Block "M" Club is a campus organization composed of and directed
by varsity athletes. Any student who has won a letter in any sport of the
College is eligible for membership.

The Chess Club
The Chess Club is an organization open to all students interested in playing chess either for entertainment or for intramural competition.

The Heritage
The Heritage is the student newspaper that provides a medium through which students may express their views and develop their literary and artistic abilities.

The Hornet
The Hornet, the student yearbook, provides a pictorial record of college life and events of each academic year.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, College Chapter, works cooperatively with the local branch, and the State and National Association.

The Pre-Alumni Club
The Pre-Alumni Club is designed to provide junior and senior students an opportunity to further interact with alumni and thereby enhance their preparation for effective service after graduation.

The Veterans' Club
The Veterans' Club is open to all officially enrolled Veterans and Veteran dependents. The Club provides opportunity for members to promote veteran concerns and activities.

Women's Senate and Men's Senate
These organizations provide students an opportunity to share in promoting a harmonious and wholesome environment in the residence halls and in developing good citizenship.